Glass Backsplash Tiles – The Natural and Beautiful Choice

Kitchen in modern home with large center island
Kitchen in modern home with large center island

Glass Backsplash Dreams

A recent discussion centered on what is the most popular glass tile shape these days—and I have to say—all of them.  It is impossible to pick just one as the leader as I scan the possibilities and consider the stylistic results of the various options.

Backsplash Tiles – Glass Tile

For example, I have in my hand a perfectly ‘soft’ glass tile in the form of recycled glass “pillows” in a 2” square (about 3/8” thick) available from a small local supplier and hand colored in a variety of colors.  The pillow reference is only because each is slightly different, softened on edges, and feels very organic.  The result of this softened tile in a contemporary space is friendly, handmade, classy, unique, and colorful.

Backsplash Tiles – Linear Tile

Linear tiles create dynamic lines, ranging from ½” to 2 ½” staggered in lengths, and assembled all in one color or in a mixed pattern lends sparkle, sophistication, and luxury in the space.  Linear glass tile sheets provide clean lines and serenity that is unmatched by standard tiles and works so well with natural contemporary cabinetry assemblies.

Backsplash Tiles – Subway Tile

Larger subway tiles (rectangles ranging from 2”x 5”, 3”x 6” to  5”x 8”) assembled staggered, straight on, or brick pattern, and installed vertically or horizontally, lend a classic turn of the century appeal.  Combined with contemporary or traditional elements, painted or wood cabinets, this glass tile selection feels completely at home.

Backsplash Tiles – Glass Mosaics

Iridescent, clear, or opaque, glass mosaics are the standard bearer of glass tile.  These bold, colorful, and traditional accents are usually available in ½” –  1” sizes.  Combinations are generally preassembled in a large variety of patterns and colors ranging from earthy browns and reds, bold patterns in yellow, green, purple, blues and pinks.  This tile type can add dynamic color and random pattern in a space.

Whatever the type, glass tile is the ‘now’ material that I believe will stand the test of time because there is so much variety.   Compounded with low key grout lines, it is a natural, beautiful choice.  And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are planning a kitchen remodeling project.