Going the Extra Step to Find the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor









After you’ve completed the interview process and taken a good look at the options and materials that are offered by each of your prospective kitchen remodeling contractors, it’s likely that you will be leaning strongly towards one of the three or four with whom you’ve spoken. At this point, you’ll want to do another round of research.

Franchises and Corporations

There’s a difference between local kitchen remodeling contractors and corporations franchise system. If the company is a local branch or franchise of a corporate entity, it is always a good idea to give a call to the home office. There will likely be some questions that the salesperson was not able to satisfactorily address in the interview—they may not, for example, have brought copies of the certifications held by their contractors, which may be on file at the home or local office.

The home office will be able to ease your mind about the experience, training and product knowledge held not only by the kitchen remodeling contractor who will be remodeling your kitchen, but by the branch manager or owner of the company. Remember, the more training and certifications the company holds, the higher your confidence in them will be.

Home Office Information

Calling the home office or local branch will enable you to gather very important information about the company, including any warranty and service guarantees they offer. You will be able to obtain information about insurance and hopefully get a copy of their insurance certificates.

In addition, the office can give you details regarding the franchise owner or the local branch manager, what qualifications, experience, training and knowledge they possess about the work to be done. This can be especially important in the case of a small or independently-owned local kitchen remodeling company.

Do the owner, manager, and contractor with whom you’ll be dealing carry any professional designations like Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) or Certified Bath Designer (CBD)?

Added Value

Part of the reason for doing a kitchen remodel is to add value to your home. Of course, the main reason is that you want the perfect kitchen for your needs, but increasing the value of your house for eventual sale is also always a consideration.

When you pick up the phone, ask for a solid estimate of how much the completed product will add to the value of your house. Most well established kitchen or bath remodelers will have enough experience that they’ll be able to give you at least an idea. Industry studies with regards to this are conducted on a regular basis. If they don’t have appraisers, they will know from their past clients the effect their services have on home value.

In general, while an in-home visit by a salesperson or contractor can yield important information about the kind of work you’ll get and the materials that will be used to create your dream kitchen remodel, calling the home office or local branch can give you more important information about such things as insurance, qualifications, certifications, and increase in the market value of your home, all of which are important pieces of additional information.

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