Happy Veteran’s Day to Our Veteran Owners

It is no secret our country holds a tremendous amount of respect for Veterans. Their dedication, leadership, and respectful culture are values that closely align with that of an entrepreneur. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 10% of all business owners are Military Veterans. Within the Kitchen Solvers system, Veterans make up 15% of our Owners and we cannot express how thankful we are that they chose Kitchen Solvers to dedicate their passion towards. Veterans make great business owners for a lot of reasons, but here are a few traits we find in our Veteran owners.


Teamwork is a key component of the military culture, which aligns well with the franchising model. Many franchise owners say the reason they chose a franchise instead of starting their own business is for the community that comes along with it. Having a system in place and others who have been through the system comes with a sense of security. At Kitchen Solvers, “partnership” is one of our main core values. While partnering with homeowners to create a project of their dreams is important, the Kitchen Solvers Home Office Team puts even more emphasis on the partnership that comes between franchisor and franchisee. “It feels like a family. We can call anyone and they will be able to give us an answer or direct us in a different way to solve our own issue or challenge” – Jay and Jill McAdams, Kitchen Solvers of Emerald Coast



Our Veterans have a servant style of leadership. They have a willingness to jump in and help out, no matter what the task. They don’t see themselves as bigger than any part of their business. This selfless act makes others want to get behind them and help them succeed. It inspires hard work and loyalty within their teams, which is exactly what a business owner needs. At Kitchen Solvers, the goal for most owners is to build a team and a business. This doesn’t happen without a strong leader pushing their team to meet goals. Veterans often strive for success and have a contagious drive that others feed on. “Being in the military, you have a chain of command. You’re able to talk to leaders and your support structure because overall the military is one big family. The nice thing about Kitchen Solvers is that it’s that miliary-type environment, not because it is hard-charging, but because of the support aspect. Just being able to contact anyone in the franchise, whether it is on the east coast or west coast, they’re willing to talk to you about any issue, big or small.” – Matt Salaices, Kitchen Solvers of North Indianapolis


Although veterans rely on their team and a comradeship environment, they also are driven from within. Our entrepreneurs need that same self-motivation to remain driven. When our owners start their new business, it begins with a business plan that outlines the tactical pieces that need to be completed to achieve a greater goal. The more transparent and outlined this plan is, the better ability to stay self-driven and on track. Veterans and entrepreneurs hold themselves accountable for meeting their goals and Kitchen Solvers does the same with our franchise partners. In fact, when asked what set Kitchen Solvers apart from other opportunities, David Ellerd, Kitchen Solvers of Corpus Christi responded, “Initially, for me, it was the knowledge that I have. I have remodeled several kitchens and understand a lot of aspects of what makes a kitchen functionally work. After meeting and discussing the franchise with Kitchen Solvers, I found myself with result-minded individuals that are open to ideas and have a similar drive to achieve great results. I also had a personal experience that the Kitchen Solvers team kept me in their prayers and well wishes. I could never repay the goodwill and encouragement that I received from them during one of the most difficult times of my life.”

Risk Taker

It really goes without saying, but Veterans and entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Whether joining the military or starting a business, there’s risk involved. While the risks are different and are at varying levels, it still requires a brave individual to take that risk. When starting a business, there are so many uncertainties. Is there enough demand to stay busy? Is there enough energy and drive to keep it going? Are there enough people in the workforce to employ? Will customers stay satisfied and happy? Just like the military trains for these uncertainties, so does Kitchen Solvers. Many of these questions and more are addressed as part of our training. Investing in a Kitchen Solvers franchise provides the system and processes of course, but it also provides a better sense of security and assurance. However, as they say, no risk, no reward!

Thank you to all our veterans, especially all our Kitchen Solvers franchise partners and Veterans we highlighted here. We appreciate your service, camaraderie, leadership, drive, and most of all the risk you took to join our family!

If it’s time to take your own risk or you’re interested in learning more about the Kitchen Solvers opportunity and the Veteran’s discount we offer, visit www.kitchensolversfranchise.com or call 888-484-8468.