Hiring a Kitchen Designer: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Kitchen remodeling projects can be time-consuming and overwhelming especially if your remodel extends beyond a basic facelift. Oftentimes for more extensive projects, homeowners opt to hire a kitchen designer who will take charge of their remodeling plans. A kitchen designer is a professional who specializes in the interior design of kitchens and occasionally baths. A kitchen designer creates a kitchen plan that utilizes the square footage you have available in the most efficient way possible, can find ways to save a little money on your project, and are always up to date on the latest kitchen design trends.

Ok, so know that you know what a kitchen designer does, how do you decide if you should hire one for your remodel? Most homeowners typically hire a kitchen designer for two primary reasons. The first is purely for design function, and the second is for a contractor who will handle the entire project from start to finish. If you end up choosing to hire a kitchen designer to simply draw plans, once that phase is complete, hiring a contractor and getting the project done is entirely up to you. Regardless of which route you decide to take when hiring, here are a few questions to ask when deciding which kitchen designer to hire.

Question #1: Can You Work Within My Budget?

The perfect kitchen design doesn’t do you much good if it’s out of our price range. Discussing budget early on will allow a designer to give you an idea of whether or not they will be able to work within your budget. You don’t want to work with a designer who only designs with very high-end, expensive products, if your budget is more in the middle range for kitchen remodels. Be honest and firm with your kitchen designer about your budget and early on make sure your remodeling dreams are feasible with your budget.

Question #2: How Long Will It Take to Create My Design?

If there’s a certain deadline you need to meet for your finished remodel, relaying that information to your kitchen designer will allow them to work with a sense of urgency. Depending on the complexity of the project and the current workload of the designer, most drawings should be able to be completed within one to three weeks.

Question #3: What Are Your Qualifications as a Kitchen Designer?

Anyone can claim to be a kitchen designer, but that doesn’t mean they are actually qualified to take on your home project. Ask your possible kitchen designer if they have any certifications from the National Kitchen and Bath Association or similar organizations. Have they taken any courses in kitchen design or have they attended industry trade shows/seminars to keep up with the latest kitchen trends and products? Asking questions, looking at reviews, or seeking referrals is a great way to confirm their credibility within the remodeling industry. You can also ask to see their portfolio to make sure their style fits yours. Don’t be afraid to ask their previous customers what they thought of the services from the designer. You want to make sure the kitchen designer entrusted with your home is legit and good at what they’re hired to do.

Question #4: How Much Input Will I Have?

Hiring a kitchen designer is for the sole purpose of creating a space that suits the needs and desires of you and your family- not a kitchen that demonstrates their talent for design. An excellent kitchen designer should take time to find out what remodeling ideas you have, your family’s lifestyle, and even tie their work in with the overall style of your home. Find a kitchen designer who is willing to make your ideas be at the center of the project not backstage.

Question #5: Can I Choose My Own Contractor?

If you hire a kitchen designer to handle your project from start to finish, they will often have their own pool of contractors that work on their jobs. In many cases, they choose these contractors due to their reliability and the quality of their workmanship, and the designer may be reluctant to make a substitution. If there is a painter or electrician, you have worked with in the past, ask your designer if it would be possible to use them on your project during the interview stage rather than waiting until after signing the contract.

Kitchen Solvers

Here at Kitchen Solvers, our main goal is to ensure you have the most Pleasant Remodeling Experience from start to finish. Whether you hire a kitchen designer to just draw plans or handle the entire project, it can be a wise investment when doing an extensive renovation. If you have any questions or are looking to seek more information about a possible remodel, call your nearest franchise for your kitchen consultation today! And be sure to check out some of our current blog article Confused about Cabinetry? A Guide to a Cabinet Reface or Replace!