What Homebuyers Want to See in a Home


Are you thinking about putting your house on the market soon, but are concerned with how well it might sell? In order to improve your chances of ROI (return on investment), you might consider what potential homebuyers want to see in a home. It is no surprise that the most popular things on buyers’ must-have lists include an updated kitchen, bathroom remodel and newer flooring, among other things.

Such a list might be the result of buyers wanting a space that is move-in ready, meaning they won’t have to perform any construction. As the seller, you will want to ensure that these spaces are appealing to potential buyers, if your goal is for your home to sell more quickly and at a good price. Here are some tips on readying your updated kitchen, bathroom remodel and flooring, so that your home will be market-ready when you are preparing to sell.

Updated Kitchen

When you are considering your kitchen updates, you might want to start on the areas of this space that need the most love. For instance, you might have flooring that is cracking or peeling, cabinets that are wonky or countertops that are stained and unattractive to the eye. With a kitchen renovation, you will be able to make your kitchen look like-new for potential buyers.

Of the more popular stylistic choices, buyers are looking for homes with new granite countertops or something that looks similar. The style of the standard, orange oak cabinets seem to be on their way out, but with a cabinet reface, you can make these cabinets a dark-mocha color or an off-white color, which seem to be the more favored choices as of late. Backsplash and innovative storage solutions are also appreciated by potential homebuyers, as they add an extra ‘pop’ to the space.

Bathroom Remodel

Much like the kitchen, homebuyers are looking for a space that does not need to be updated. Usually with bathrooms, new fixtures, flooring and refaced cabinets are what make these rooms look more appealing. Currently, modern-style fixtures for the sink are quite popular, as are white tile for the flooring.

Again, like the kitchen, the old, orange oak cabinets are out, so you will want to consider refacing these cabinets to either white or dark colors, along with granite countertops. With a fresh coat of paint and new lighting fixtures, you can give this space a facelift, making it more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.

New Floors

Many potential homebuyers are looking for homes that have hardwood throughout, as carpet can be difficult to keep clean, especially with kids or pets in the house. If you do have carpet, consider having it replaced. But for the kitchen and bathrooms, you will need to consider replacing the tile or hardwoods in these spaces, so that the room will have a total, refreshed look.

While an updated kitchen, bathroom remodel and new flooring can’t guarantee a higher ROI, it certainly can’t hurt your chances, either. If you are interested in learning more about how you can update your kitchen or remodel your bathrooms, please feel free to contact us at Kitchen Solvers today.