How to Design a Traditional Kitchen

Homeowners can choose from a wide range of available kitchen designs, from rustic farmhouse kitchens to contemporary kitchens with modern features. If you prefer classic styling, however, then a traditional kitchen just may be the right fit for you.

Kitchens with a traditional design have a few basic features that combine form and function, and when you build one of these kitchens in your home, you’ll have no trouble hosting your friends and neighbors or simply whipping up a delicious meal for your family. Here are a few tips for designing a traditional kitchen that you should keep in mind if you’ve been thinking about a remodeling project.

Choose Neutral Colors

Your color palette is of the utmost importance if you’re interested in giving your kitchen a traditional design. With a contemporary kitchen, for example, you choose crisp, edgy colors that add a little pop to the look of your kitchen.

When you’re remodeling with an eye for a traditional design, you should aim for a neutral color palette. Opt for classic kitchen colors that still look great but aren’t as bold as what you might find in a more modern kitchen. For instance, in a traditional kitchen, beige is always a good choice, particularly for the walls and counters, and you could also go with various shades of browns, especially on your cabinets.

Invest in Some Decorations

While the color scheme of your kitchen should be neutral, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative in other areas of the room. For instance, when you’re remodeling your kitchen with a traditional style, you can add some decorative features that will give your room a classic look that both you and visitors will love.

Installing crown molding is almost always a good choice for a kitchen with a traditional design, and you can also add accessories that are furniture-like in their appearance to add a somewhat homey feel to your kitchen. If you like the throwback style of wainscoting, you could add this feature to your kitchen island if you have one. With the right decorative features and a little creativity, you should easily be able to give your kitchen an appealing, traditional look.

Install High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing cabinets is perhaps the most important part of remodeling your kitchen. The right cabinets can give your room a highly attractive look, while the wrong cabinets can make your redesign much less successful. With most kitchens, simplicity is the way to go when you’re selecting your cabinets, but with a traditional design, you can go a little wild and invest in cabinets with a more elaborate style.

For example, raised panel cabinets in a vintage style can give your kitchen a traditional, timeless style that will look great for years to come, regardless of current style trends. You can also get creative with the finish of your cabinets if you’re interested in giving your kitchen a unique look. Adding a glaze to your cabinets or using an antique finish, for example, will give them a natural look that will still be very eye-catching, which is ideal when you’re going for a traditional design.

Invest in Your Countertops

Nothing ties a kitchen together like the right countertops, and with a traditional kitchen design, you can splurge a little bit on your counters to create a gorgeous look. In a traditionally styled kitchen, you want to pick out a luxury countertop that will both look great and give you the space that you need to prepare family meals every single day of the week.

Your kitchen countertops are where you can add some fun to your traditional design. For instance, you could invest in a quality material such as granite or quartz, both of which will elevate the style of your kitchen. If you have the resources, you could also install marble countertops in your kitchen. They cost a little more, but almost no counter material provides the luxury, classic look or feel that you’ll get with marble.

Get the Lighting Right

As with every type of kitchen design, getting the lighting right is crucial when you want to give your kitchen a traditional look. Not only do you want your lighting to make your kitchen feel bright and welcoming, but you also want it to enhance the decorative items that you’ve already installed in your room.

In a kitchen with a traditional design, choosing decorative lighting is the best idea. Traditional kitchens are meant to have a classy, somewhat retro look, which is why choosing decorative lighting such as a chandelier is an excellent idea.

The embellished design of your chandelier should complement the other ornate decorative features of your kitchen and should also provide you plenty of light when it’s positioned correctly. Try to find an antique chandelier that will both boost the style of your kitchen and will also be a conversation piece when you’re hosting a dinner party.

Keep the Backsplash Simple

If you keep track of kitchen design trends, then you know that patterned backsplashes made from colorful, unique materials are all the rage right now. While such a backsplash would look great in a contemporary kitchen, it isn’t the right choice for a kitchen with a traditional design.

In most areas of your kitchen, subtlety is key. A bold backsplash simply won’t match up with the natural colors in your kitchen, so when you’re designing your backsplash, you should keep things as simple as possible. Stick with basic materials and go with low-key colors and you should be able to put together a backsplash that will look great in your kitchen.

Get Started With Your Kitchen

If you prefer classic styling that stands the test of time, a traditional kitchen should be right up your alley. As long as you follow these basic design tips, you can construct the subtle, attractive kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re ready to get started on your remodeling project and would like some professional help, Kitchen Solvers is here for you.

At Kitchen Solvers, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners design and construct stylish and functional kitchens, and our team is standing by to do the same thing for you. Visit one of our locations today and let one of our remodeling professionals help you design a world-class kitchen that more than meets your wants and needs.

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