How to Take Care of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Caring for your cabinetry is essential in preserving your kitchens sought after look. Cabinetry is an investment for your home, and like any investment, you want to make sure it is well kept and lasts its intended lifetime. To maintain your marvelous cabinet masterpieces, here are some easy and full-proof methods sure to hold off the aging process.


Having a cleaning schedule is the easiest way to make sure your cabinetry is receiving the proper care it deserves. Deciding what days or time of the year will be dedicated to your cleaning will ensure you are prepared when the time comes.

When it becomes time to clean your cabinetry, we recommend using a mild cleanser or a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean the cabinet fronts. Don’t throw your back out while scrubbing your cabinetry clean. Gently scrub in circular motions to dodge damaging the finish. Soft cloths are the best to use with this technique.

 With cleaning cabinets, try to avoid products with ammonia or abrasive cleaners which will start to strip your doors of their finish. Any easy way to escape this conundrum is to buy cleaners specifically for wood products. Also, leave those kitchen dishcloths and sponges filled with residue and chemicals in the sink. Your cabinets will thank you down the road.

Polishing your cupboards is the cherry on top of your clean cabinetry sundae. That final shine and gleam will make your cabinets look as if they were just newly installed. We recommend using a wood furniture polish which will leave a nice protective coat of mineral oil. However if furniture polish is not readily available, no fret. Homemade polish is quick to make and effective. For your polish solution make it 2-parts white vinegar, 2-parts olive oil, and 1-part lemon juice.

Cabinetry is the focal point of your kitchen and can be one of the more costly additions when designing or renovating your space. At Kitchen Solvers, we want to ensure that you, the homeowner, protect and preserve your beautiful cabinetry. To gain a greater insight on cabinetry read our blog article about When to Reface vs. When to Install New Cabinets as well as Kitchen Layouts and Design Concepts.