Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide














There are many different types of cabinets that you can have installed in your kitchen. To better understand what type of cabinet is perfect for your kitchen, we here at Kitchen Solvers have created a great kitchen cabinet buying guide. 

Stock Cabinets

One of the more affordable types of cabinets available to purchase are stock cabinetry. These cabinets come in already made standard widths, which can range between 9 and 48 inches, in three-inch increments. True to their name, these cabinets come in stock and are a great option for those trying to renovate their kitchen themselves.

Once considered an unattractive cabinet option, the improvement made in materials has made many stock cabinets more durable. However, one of the main weaknesses of stock cabinets is the fact that they come in standard sizes, so the choices that you have when finding stock cabinets for your kitchen are limited. If your kitchen is uniquely shaped, stock cabinets are likely to not fit and in fact could be ruled out as an option.

Semi Custom 

Semi custom factory cabinets are not actually custom made, they are ordered and assembled at a factory. Similar to custom cabinets, semi custom cabinets can offer a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to size, finish and storage options. Many semi custom cabinets can take 4-6 weeks to finish and arrive.

Semi custom tend to be more affordable than custom cabinets. However, one of the disadvantages that comes with semi-custom cabinets is that they are substantially more expensive than stock cabinets, which ca take weeks or months to be delivered. Also they don’t have as much craftsman quality as custom made cabinets. 

Custom Cabinetry 

Custom cabinets are hand made, specially for your kitchen, by a carpenter. The carpenter can offer any type of finish, style or size to fit your kitchen. Therefore, custom cabinets gives you what you want for a price. Custom cabinets are therefore tailor made to fit any kitchen style or kitchen design. On the downside however, custom cabinets can take a while to make as they are hand made and are the most expensive option. 

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