Kitchen Cleaning – Is Your Kitchen Really Clean









With little ones around the house it’s especially important to keep your kitchen void of those nasty germs that can cause some kind of illness. In today’s world, and our hectic lifestyles as they are, one can hardly afford to get sick.

A surprising reality of cleaning products on the market is that the best are in most cases the cheapest; bleach, vinegar, and lemon to name just a few. A solution of a quarter cup of bleach to a quart of water in a spray bottle can be used to disinfect kitchen surfaces like cutting boards, appliance tops, and most types of countertops. Don’t use a bleach solution on granite or marble though, and always follow the manufactures instructions on cleaning surfaces.

Soak sinks in hot water and bleach using the same quarter cup to one quart of water dilution. Doing this several times a week will keep harmful bacteria at bay. Food splatters serve as bacteria magnets, especially inside a microwave. Boil a mixture of one cup of water and one tablespoon each of vinegar and lemon then let it sit for five minutes. Carefully remove the hot container and wipe the insides clean. Vinegar and water also work wonders on glass and of course, cleaning out the inside of a coffeemaker.

A bleach-and-water mixture substitutes as an efficient bathroom disinfectant, but don’t use bleach unless the area is well ventilated and DON’T mix it with other chemicals and liquids.

Why bleach, vinegar, and lemon? Because when used properly they can kill harmful bacteria and germs including the nasty kitchen kind that can cause food poisoning.