Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like a Celebrity Chef

If you’re the type of person who can’t get enough of cooking shows, then you’ve probably always imagined what it’s like to be a celebrity chef. Fortunately, with the right kitchen designs, you can easily cook the world-class meals you see on TV to the delight of your friends and family. Here are a few easy and effective kitchen design ideas that will have you feeling like a celebrity chef every time you step into your kitchen.

Adding Open Shelving

Take a look at the kitchens on cooking shows, and you’ll notice that most of them have open shelving instead of traditional cabinets. If you’re thinking about remaking your kitchen so that you can cook like a celebrity chef, starting with open shelving is an excellent idea.

Replacing your upper kitchen cabinets with open shelves provides a number of enticing benefits. For one, it can give your kitchen an airy feel that’s perfect for hosting, and it makes the room appear much larger than it actually is. Installing open shelving is also one of the easiest methods for giving your kitchen the rustic look that’s so popular these days. Finally, open shelves make it a lot easier to organize and access your go-to cooking tools, greatly simplifying meal preparation.

Dedicated Cooking Stations

Separating your kitchen into several different stations is another way to live out your dreams of cooking like a celebrity chef. Building multiple cooking stations in your kitchen will improve functionality and give the room a look that you won’t find in many homes.

The stations that you choose really depends on how you cook, but there are a few popular choices you can consider. A prep station with a second sink will make it a lot easier to get your ingredients ready and to clean up after a meal. If you’re a frequent baker, then you might want to build a baking station that allows you to whip up a fresh pie or batch of cookies whenever you want.

Never Run out of Ingredients With a Pantry

One thing that’s common to almost all cooking shows is that the chefs always have the exact ingredients they need to create a delicious meal. If you want to be able to cook tasty dishes anytime — just like your favorite chef — then adding a pantry is one of the best kitchen design ideas.

If you have the space, adding a pantry to your kitchen is a fantastic plan for your remodel. With a pantry, you’ll have the extra room you need to keep your kitchen from getting cluttered, and you’ll also be able to stock up on your favorite ingredients, so you’ll never have to worry about running out while cooking for your friends and family.

Plan Your Perfect Remodel

As you can see, there are several top-notch kitchen design ideas that will make you feel like you’re a celebrity chef hosting your own cooking show. If you need help choosing the design ideas that are right for you, visit Kitchen Solvers for advice from the kitchen remodeling professionals. We’ll talk with you about some of the hottest kitchen design trends and then help you decide which will fit your home. Visit one of our locations today to plan your remodel.