Kitchen Design Solutions – Mixing New Kitchen Cabinets With a New Dining Set

14-3_115825570I recently received a question from a client in regards to matching, blending, or contrasting a new dining set with newly refaced kitchen cabinets.  In her case, the cabinetry was a deep coffee tone in a transitional reversed flat panel or “shaker style” door.  Her question was searching for the best kitchen design solution for furnishings to work with her beautiful new kitchen remodel.

Kitchen design choices are subtle interpretations of what a material and shape ‘says’–  So here are a few guidelines to get you to a kitchen cabinetry and furniture solution.   First off, you can easily go to a contrast or keep the tone in the same deep finish.  However, it is important to consider other materials and kitchen design choices already made adjacent to the space, so considering the flooring tone and material is also important.  A gorgeous contrast to the flooring would set off the kitchen cabinetry and the new dining table.  The main rule of thumb is to find a theme in the style of the overall kitchen design –transitional and contemporary allows for a variety of different finishes–including metal or painted with a glass top as well.  If the tone of the wood in the dining table and your overall kitchen design suggests transitional, and the other furnishings are not too traditional, you have a mix.  It would be best to stay away from dominant wood grains and tones (like a medium to light oak) and definite traditional styles in the furnishings.   Most important, go transitional, not too traditional in these shapes and choices, and let each beautiful choice and design element be seen.

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