Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Interior design is changing constantly. New trends come in quickly and sometimes leave just as fast. In some rooms of the house, it might be easy and cheap to keep up. New paint colors, artwork, or a piece of furniture can keep your bedroom, living room, or home office looking fresh and in style. When it comes to your kitchen though, your design choices are a little more permanent (not to mention more expensive). To avoid making decisions quickly and moving with the constant ebb and flow of trends, we’ve put together a few of the 2022 kitchen design trends that we think are here to stay.


We’ve seen people play with color in their kitchen for a few years now and 2022 is no different. People are getting adventurous and moving away from the all-white kitchen. If all-white is still your style though, don’t worry! The classic, all-white will never be out of style. And if you are hesitant to move completely away from it, a lot of homeowners are choosing to go bold with a colorful backsplash or even just their island cabinetry color. Adding just a touch of color adds interest and fun to the otherwise neutral kitchen.

The color to watch for this year are muted greens. Green has been coming out ahead the last year or so over it’s competitor, blue. We have been seeing more and more light green cabinetry on islands, lower or upper cabinets, and perimeter cabinets. Some homeowners have gone all-in on green and have opted to do green cabinetry throughout their entire kitchen. Unlike the 1970’s avocado green, the 2020’s green is much less bright and will stand the test of time as more and more homeowners are trying to bring the outdoors in.

Another color scheme you’ll see a lot of in 2022 is the monochromatic black and white look. This is a different take on the all-white kitchen we’ve been seeing for the last few decades. This look could be for the homeowner who is looking for contrast in their kitchen but isn’t sure if color is the right choice for them. Black allows for high contrast and interest while staying classic and timeless.

Countertops & Backsplash

It’s no secret that quartz countertops aren’t going anywhere. They have proven to stand the test of time and are really a great investment in the most heavily used room in your home. The solid manufacturing and scratch and chip-free surface are hard to beat. A new trend we are seeing is a seamless transition from countertop to the backsplash. More and more homeowners are opting out of the subway tile backsplash that rose to popularity a few years ago. Choosing a slab backsplash creates a seamless look that can take your kitchen from casual to sophisticated quickly.

Wood—old and new

We are seeing wood tones come back around as more homeowners are choosing to go with a light wood cabinet like a grained walnut or white oak. These pair beautifully with white and add a warm, earthy feel to a maybe otherwise sterile room. We’ve also been seeing older wood pieces being recycled and used in the kitchen. An antique table can become a beautiful island, or a well-loved hutch can be used as an extra piece for storage. Adding older pieces to new kitchens adds another layer of visual interest and could be a great conversation starter.

There are plenty of other design trends that you’ll see in 2022 and as the year goes on we’re sure more will emerge. Design is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. That is what your local Kitchen Solvers is for! We keep up with all the trends for you so you don’t have to. Give us a call if you’re looking to update your kitchen to keep up with 2022 trends but aren’t sure where to start. We can help take your kitchen from dated to timeless and trendy.