Kitchen Design Trends to Help You Create the Kitchen of Your Dream

Home design, like anything else, has seen its fair share of trends and styles. There are several popular trends that are sweeping through the world of kitchen design. Depending on your style and needs, some trends may be better for you than others. Either way, it’s important to be aware of what’s out there so that you can create the kitchen of your dreams and Kitchen Solvers is here to help do just that! Here are a few trends and must-haves that are popular right now to keep you up to date. 

Colorful Cabinets 

Color on cabinets came on to the scene a handful of years ago and it’s not going anywhere. Although white and neutral cabinets will always have a place in kitchen design, color is making a splash of its own. Many people are opting for brighter, saturated colors to be paired with natural wood or other neutral colors. For 2022, some of the colors we are seeing are earthy greens, black and similar dark colors, as well as baby or ocean blues. Some neutrals are holding on and we are seeing a rise in the modern, yet timeless, greige—grey with a hint of brown. 

Countertop Cabinets 

Countertop cabinets—cabinetry that sits down on the countertop instead of being mounted to the wall—have been a popular addition to kitchen design in the last few years. These types of cabinets add a level of luxury and charm that traditional wall-hung cabinets do not. They make your kitchen look antique and built-in and provide great storage space to hideaway countertop appliances and other bulky items that might be cluttering your countertop. 

Double Islands 

If the kitchen footprint allows for it, why stop at just one island? The double island is replacing the eat-in kitchen as homeowners were starting to see their island as not only part of the kitchen, but an extension into the rest of their homes too. The island has become a table for eating, an at-home bar for entertaining, a home office for work or homework, or just a place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee. With such a versatile space, why not have two? 

Open Shelving 

We’ve seen open shelving trickle into kitchen design over the last few years and we’ll see it even more moving forward. Open shelving can be used for storage or display which makes it a fun element to include. Some homeowners choose to have only open shelving for their upper storage which gives the kitchen a wide-open feel. We’ve also been seeing a lot of homeowners choose to include a coffee or wine bar in their kitchen design with open shelving above it for storing coffee mugs, wine glasses, or even just decorative plants and cookbooks. 

Light Woods 

Light wood shades work in almost any style of kitchen and we’ve been seeing it more and more in the last couple of years. Woods such as rye or hickory both have a light, natural look which makes them easy to pair with any style or color. We’ve seen light wood tone islands in traditional kitchens as well as in full floor-to-ceiling cabinet banks in a modern kitchen. Because of its natural look, light woods create a airy, open feel to the kitchen and prevent the space from looking to dark and heavy like some other wood tones can. 

Remember, everyone’s personal style is different, and it is always best to consider the style of the rest of your home when designing a new kitchen. If you don’t know where to start or are overwhelmed by the different styles, trends, and options, start saving a few photos of things you like and call your local Kitchen Solvers to help with the rest. We’re happy to show you things you might not have thought of other trends that we are seeing rise in popularity.