The year of 2016 is finally upon us, and most of us have likely made New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like many, you probably have goals like “lose weight” or “eat healthier” scribbled down on your list. With these beautiful kitchen designs, you can actually stick to your New Year’s resolutions while also enjoying this new space in your home.

To Lose Weight

Most of us strive, at the beginning of the year, to lose weight so that we can look and feel better about ourselves. One of the best ways to stay with a healthier diet is to have everything planned and organized, from meals to shopping lists and more. While losing weight is a fantastic goal, it can be difficult to stick to as the year carries on, especially because junk food is designed for grab-and-go.

Surprisingly enough, an organized kitchen can help you lose weight, because it outweighs the need of these “convenient” foods. Kitchen designs that incorporate innovative storage solutions will allow for you to keep your food organized, so that grabbing a more healthful meal or snack is made that much easier. Pullout caddies, Lazy Susans, and appliance garages keep what you need on-hand, so that sticking to your diet isn’t so hard after all.

To Eat Healthy

Like losing weight, eating healthy proves to be a challenge because there are several inconvenient factors that go into keeping fresh produce in the house. You have to stop by the store more often, and what do you do with the food once you’ve brought it home? There are different ways to store varying types of produce, but with an added kitchen island and pantry storage solutions, you have all the space you need for fresh fruits and root veggies.

If you’re worried about accountability, as we are all capable of sneaking that box of cookies into the back of the cabinet, you can have custom cabinets installed. Cabinets with glass faces will allow for you to see what’s in your cabinets, thus boosting your motivation to stick to your healthier shopping list, not to mention the fact that these cabinets just look fantastic regardless. Additionally, when you see what delicious options you have for lunch, you might be more desired to pack a lunch everyday instead of eating out.

To Cook More at Home

Cooking at home has more benefits than one: you spend less money than eating out, you eat healthier foods and you get to spend more time with your family. With the right kitchen remodel, you will feel more inclined to cook at home because you have such a beautiful and functional space to work in. A kitchen island will provide the space you need to prepare meals, and those innovative storage solutions from earlier will help cut prep time down.

Stylish displays will keep your spices and cookbooks within reach, making your cooking experience more enjoyable. Eat-in kitchen designs offer a space where you and the whole family can enjoy dinner without having to pile in the car and drive to the nearest restaurant. With the perfect space that has everything you need, you won’t even miss eating out.

To learn more about how Kitchen Solvers can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions through gorgeous and creative kitchen designs, contact us today for additional information on the remodel services we offer.