Kitchen Islands – Providing Function and Style

16-4_1381803120Benefits of Kitchen Islands

An island in your kitchen provides immediate improvement to your work and living space—helping you get all the things you do done flexibly–in the hardest working place in the home.

Variety is the standard when the topic is kitchen islands—a cart with an inexpensive granite, wood, or steel top and open shelves, or a six foot wide square with a tile, solid surface, or thick wood top for prepping, gathering around, eating, and serving large crowds.  Any kind of island can make a kitchen more efficient and a magnet for your home.

Kitchen islands  hark back to our  earlier kitchen setups that included a central farmhouse table—a place where all things occurred—the business of life and learning, prepping food, feeding hungry families and workers, but essentially the center of activity.

An island gives us immediate flexible zone options—close by, the island lessens steps in prepping, and with a variety of uses it provides the ultimate in providing a flexible “workhorse” of a surface that exceeds the actual square footage used.   The design specifications can vary in height, and often height drops (and material changes) are designed to accommodate such activities as baking surfaces that have a cooler marble surface, desk spots, nooks,  or eating spaces for young and old.

Variations in size, heights, open shelves or closed, spots for sitting around or purely prep—kitchen islands can often provide the spice in a kitchen with dynamic style and function. Getting more elaborate on design details, finish or door style changes are often found on a featured island.  Any way you look at it, the island is an opportunity to add style and substance to your kitchen.