Kitchen Lighting Designs – Transform the Feel of Your Kitchen!

Your kitchen lighting design can have a huge effect on how the space feels. You can add extra kitchen lighting, change the lighting that you currently have, or perhaps install dimmers to drastically alter the ambiance within your kitchen. A poor kitchen lighting design can suck the life out of the room, making it feel like a sad, somber place.

Regardless of how beautiful your cabinets, appliances, and countertops are, with poor lighting, your kitchen will appear dull and lifeless. Many homeowners, especially those with older kitchens, have been making do with only one overhead light for years, without even considering how a few simple kitchen lighting designs can transform their kitchen into a brighter place. In order to make your kitchen a joyful spot for everyone in the family to gather, you can add some strategically placed lights to infuse your kitchen with happiness and beauty.

Kitchen Lighting Types

There are thousands and thousands of kitchen lighting designs available that you can utilize to give your kitchen the best light possible. Various kitchen lighting options include: 1) track lighting, 2) under kitchen cabinet lighting, 3) pendant kitchen lights, and 4) chandeliers.

Track Lighting

Kitchen track lighting is installed on the ceiling on a track with multiple bulbs. There are many different options for the size and shape of this kind of fixture and you can point the faces of the lights anyway that you want to add light over key spots in the kitchen, like the stove, sink, and counter where you do most of your cooking.

Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Under kitchen cabinet lighting provides much-needed brightness under dark cabinets. Under cabinet lighting is available in recessed or surface mounted lights shaped like discs, strip style fixtures, or track lighting that fits under the cabinet. Lights under the cabinet are a great choice if you do not like direct bright light, as these lights illuminate in a subtle way.

Pendant Lights

These kitchen lights are shaped like pendants and provide direct light to specific areas. They come with various shaped heads in different colors and styles, adding style as well as light to the kitchen.


Chandeliers over your kitchen table would offer elegant light combined with beauty. You can find a chandelier that is simple, modern, or vividly finished to complement your particular kitchen style.

A good kitchen lighting design is an affordable way to brighten up any kitchen and will add much-needed cheerfulness into one of the most used rooms within your home.

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