Kitchen Lighting Solutions

15-1_1231131054Pay attention to your kitchen lighting plans for a successful kitchen remodel.  The three main kitchen lighting ideas to incorporate in the plan is that of task lighting, general ambient lighting, and mood or activity related lighting.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Task Lighting

Task lighting works best and is most efficient in the kitchen if it is directed as close to the work surface as possible.  This strategy for the kitchen remodel eliminates the problems of over-lit kitchens with too much or uncontrolled lighting which lacks aesthetic appeal and contributes to eye strain and glare, and also provides the best shadow free lighting for getting on with the business of functioning well in your kitchen space.  Under cabinet lighting or under shelf lighting, lighting that is directed to the work surface such as pendants, or narrow spots with focused intensity on that work surface all contribute to a workable kitchen solution.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can be the sum total of all lighting in the area—passive lighting from solar tubes, windows, ceiling mounted light fixtures and task lighting.  Consider how lighting needs change throughout the day, and how often you are working in non-daylight hours in the kitchen space.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Mood or Activity Lighting

Mood or activity related lighting is achieved through having the flexibility to utilize perhaps only a few components of the overall kitchen lighting package.  Imagine using just the under cabinet lighting or featured soft kitchen lighting in the room while entertaining or gently illuminating the space in the evening.

There are thousands of combinations to achieve great kitchen lighting results.  Give it some thought and let your light shine!  And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you may be considering a remodeling project as part of your overall kitchen lighting design decisions.