A Kitchen Remodel with Less Mess and Hassle?The Quick Upgrade Approach

I love remodeling spaces, and particularly kitchens. It takes a less than stunning interior that with major, minor, or in between effort, money, and hassle, and transforms the space into a beautiful room that supports, rather than detracts, from the everyday tasks of living.

I enjoy seeing older properties, that due to age, upkeep, or uninspired design from the start, become through a remodeling update more functional, more attractive, and more appealing.

That is the beauty of remodeling, and the main space that deserves that attention is usually the kitchen and bath. Why, because these are the workhorse rooms in any home. The kitchen is likely the most permanent in terms of built in products of cabinets and appliances, which means they will reflect the age of the home (for good and for bad) despite all sorts of decorating efforts. The kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances are also dealing with the most difficult conditions of the daily management of water, prep , mess, and cleanup, and things wear out through all this use in these spaces—and a low mess refresh is a great way to go.

The kitchen remodeling project is the most effective way to transform your home. In addition to the most used, useful, and attractive space, it could also be potentially the most expensive per square foot space to remodel. In effect, the kitchen remodel is the place to concentrate on to update your home, and is the place to carefully plan and execute your remodeling project

I believe that a remodeled kitchen can hit the reboot button on how you and your family will behave in your home. A successful kitchen remodel can provide enjoyment and improve how you live your life. It can be small things such as it looks better and supports your aesthetic sense of who you are and what you value, and it can be a big change such as improving your ability to function with streamlined, organized, and tidy storage of utensils, serving ware, cookware, and appliances. I believe that with increased function within the space, you have the ability to embark upon being a much better cook, which can impact you and your family’s health. Socially, it can give you the ability to get more creative in the kitchen, more open and at ease in entertaining, and that too can improve everyone’s quality of living.

A kitchen remodel in particular is an opportunity for change in your post remodel life. How to get there is where the decision making comes into play, and savvy remodelers know that it is the sum of these decisions that make it a difficult course of action or one that maximizes results in relationship to money, time, and hassle spent.

A quick upgrade is great for you if your basic layout is pretty much working, or you can’t justify tearing out the room or taking on more space. This approach works well if the cabinets are in relatively good shape (yet unappealing). I call this the Quick Upgrade approach, and it can be done with the least amount of cost, mess, and hassle when taking on a kitchen remodel.

The Quick Upgrade approach to kitchen remodeling works well if your current kitchen has the following attributes:

Good (not falling apart) cabinets, yet unappealing, with pretty simple cabinet interiors actually are an opportunity for improved function and a completely new look. Improving interior cabinets might require changing out the drawers to be more functional (or working) and potentially one could add inserts that improve functionality within the kitchen cabinetry.
It might make a lot of sense to be able to replace the tired, damaged, or just plain old doors with something that is appealing for today. This is done through the process of kitchen cabinet refacing, and I recommend checking out local specialists well equipped and experienced in this terrific way to address a remodel. You can get big result with lots less money.
Switch out those outdated appliances—just check the size openings you have and make sure you will have the space and the electrical requirements for the new appliances. Look for Energy Star products and you can save on the long term in energy use and reduce the costs of keeping the same units running in your new kitchen.
If your countertop is a gorgeous granite or tile, but the cabinets just have never been what appeals to you, kitchen cabinet refacing is again a great choice to eliminate a big part of the waste factor in a kitchen remodel. It quickly updates what you do have by completely changing the look of your existing cabinets, and the countertop remains undisturbed.
If your floor is in good shape and you want to keep it, a kitchen remodel that is basically refacing and improving function is a the quickest and most cost efficient way to achieve results. When I say your kitchen remodel downtime will be relatively quick—I mean with proper planning behind you–perhaps as quick as within a few days. That is the main way to combat “remodeling regret” which often hits in week 3 of a remodel!
Never underestimate the value of a new coat of paint. Painting is the refresher that supports all your other efforts, takes little time, and makes a huge impact.
With those new cabinet doors, you now have the opportunity to have accent hardware that is like the “jewelry” or finishing touch to the room.
The Quick Upgrade is the most effective way to get major results with the least hassle, mess, or cost. Plus, you get the kitchen that you really want and need in your home. And be sure to research Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs – Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project Under Control if you are planning to do a kitchen remodel project.