Kitchen Remodelers – Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right One

You’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen. It’s time to get rid of those old appliances and fixtures and replace them with new cabinets and flooring. Maybe it’s even time to change the layout to suit your needs as well. Whether you’re doing a kitchen renovation or a bathroom makeover, you’ll be investing in your home and probably won’t be completing another job of this magnitude in either of these rooms anytime soon. You want your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project to turn out perfectly.

An excellent place to start is by evaluating kitchen renovation contractors. The truth is, you can buy the nicest kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and flooring money can buy, but if you employ an inexperienced remodeling contractor, you could end up with delays, bad craftsmanship, and a nightmare of a space. Here are some characteristics to look for in a kitchen and bath remodeling contractor.



When looking for kitchen renovation contractors, you should take at least three into consideration. Don’t just pick the first one that comes up in an online search. Look for contractors with a good track record. If you choose to look for a contractor online, make sure to read online reviews. Two online tools for checking references are Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau. Always seek referrals from friends, family, and business associates who may have recently received excellent service from a contractor in your area. They may also know someone who has recently had work done or contractors with a lot of experience.

Contact the 3 remodelers you’ve narrowed it down to and request at least five references from previous clients. In addition, inquire about membership in your local builder’s association and obtain recommendations or satisfaction surveys from them as well.

Make contact with the references listed and ask them questions you’ve prepared in advance. Questions about workmanship, punctuality, meeting deadlines, site cleanliness, cost overruns, and their people skills are just a few examples. Verify whether the contractors provided an accurate estimate, stayed on schedule, delivered as promised, and were otherwise professional.

Licensed & Insured

Check to see whether all of the kitchen remodeling contractors you’re considering have the proper license and that it’s current. There are consumer websites that provide state-by-state information on licensing requirements, which can assist you in determining whether any of the contractors you’re considering are or are not following the state’s license standards. When a contractor comes to your house to give you an estimate, you can also ask to check their license.

The main issue with hiring someone who is not licensed is that in many states, your capacity to pursue legal action for damages is extremely limited or non-existent. Contractors who aren’t licensed are flying under the regulatory radar, which can cost you more money and cause huge headaches later on when it comes to finishing your renovation project.

Furthermore, the contractors you are considering should be fully insured in the event of an accident that damages your property or those on it. This is especially critical because the homeowner may be held responsible. Kitchen renovation contractors are required to have insurance in most states.

Estimates & Warranties

Reputable contractors understand that traveling to the job site, speaking with the homeowner, thoroughly evaluating the job, and providing a free, written estimate are all part of doing business. Every part of the kitchen and bath remodeling project should be costed out in that estimate. Payment timelines and agreed-upon completion milestones should also be included in the estimate.

Beyond that, the contractors on your list should provide a warranty on all workmanship and materials. Obtain written confirmation of all warranty-related offers and ensure that they are included in the contract. All procedures and coverage types should be thoroughly explained. This is vital information. Read it in full. It also might be a good idea to have an attorney look through the warranty.

Not Afraid of Questions

If they don’t directly answer your inquiries or don’t follow up on an unanswered question in a timely manner, this is a red flag. Demand that they respond to your questions with precise responses. If they give you unclear answers, you’re setting yourself up for trouble once your kitchen or bath remodeling job starts. All of your expectations must be satisfied, and you must have paperwork to prove it. If there are any projects that you can view directly, make sure to ask the contractors. They may have images of current jobs in a portfolio or on the internet, but that is insufficient. Most trustworthy kitchen renovation companies will gladly schedule an appointment for you to see a completed job in person.

The more knowledge you have about the kitchen remodeling companies you’re considering, the better. This understanding offers you an advantage when dealing with possible problems. It’s critical to locate the proper contractor for your renovation job before spending any money on building the kitchen or bath of your dreams. It will take some time to evaluate the contractors. However, in the long run, this process will save you time and money.

We want you to be as comfortable and confident in your contractor as possible. That means being informed about what kinds of qualifications you should expect. Of course, we hope you choose Kitchen Solvers!