Kitchen Remodelers – Know What to Look For to Find the Right One For Your Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodelers – Do Your Homework

When you have a definite plan in place and you know what you want and need, the salesmen will start to come in. You will face pressure sales tactics and grandiose claims of top notch workmanship and the best quality materials. At a glance, many of these companies will look the same. Make no mistake—they are not the same.

Kitchen Remodelers – The Dangers of Snap Judgments

The biggest mistake you can make is accepting the offer of the first company that comes in the door. The salesman from a remodeling company will do what he can to make his company look absolutely perfect for your needs. He will make promises and guarantees, and show you fantastic brochures. While he may not be lying, you could still be missing out if you don’t talk to a few other companies as well.

Kitchen Remodelers – Research, Research, Research

Hit the Internet. Compile information on at least 3-5 different companies before you even talk to one. There are several important pieces of knowledge you can get from a Web search.

  • Consumer reviews. Look up review sites and see what other people are saying about a company. A complete lack of reviews could be as much of a red flag as a bunch of really bad reviews. However, keep in mind that many people use the Web as a sounding board for bad experiences. Consumer reviews are a starting point, not the end.
  • The Better Business Bureau can be a great resource. If a company is BBB accredited, this is a good sign. In addition, the BBB will often have A to F ratings for various companies, as well as information about how long the company has been in business.
  • The company’s website will provide a lot of information about their history, background, and will often have informative sections about kitchen remodeling in general, as well as customer testimonials about their work.

Kitchen Remodelers – Comparing Companies

After you have researched companies on the Web, begin talking to representatives. When the reps come in, get quotes that you can compare. Make sure the quotes are in writing and are as detailed as possible.

If you can, get scope of work statements that will itemize the kinds of work that need to be done, and how much the work will cost, including labor, materials, and the like. Ask for a final, total cost that covers all taxes and fees, broken down and itemized.

When you have several quotes in hand, take your time comparing them to see where one company stands out from the others. Look at how they have addressed your needs and concerns in the paperwork they’ve given you, and be sure they are willing to give you the time to do any additional research you might need. Remember, if the salesman tries to convince you not to do research or comparing their services to other companies, they might have something to hide. This is an important decision; don’t just rush in because of pressured sales tactics.

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