Kitchen Remodeling Changes That Can Be Achieved While Staying Within Your Budget








Want to renovate your kitchen but don’t have the $40,000 it costs? Financing seems to be a huge barrier when it comes to acquiring your dream kitchen. There are ways around that hefty price tag, however, if you’re willing to think outside the cabinet.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Reface don’t replace.

Many Kitchen Solvers clients choose to reface their cabinets by keeping the existing frames intact (provided that they are still in good condition) and adding new cabinet doors. Refacing cabinets simply involves removing the old doors and drawer fronts, applying a factory finished custom stained 3-ply hardwood paneling, then installing custom-made doors and drawer fronts to match. Decorative handles and high-grade self-closing hinges are added to complete the project. Wood species, stain colors, styles, and finish options abound.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Space-savers.

If you’re limited by space in the kitchen you can update shelves and storage for better use. Storage solutions provides an array of organizing systems ranging from pullout and rollout shelving systems, to spice trays, cutlery organizers, Lazy Susan’s, to cleaning caddies.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Add new hardware.

This isn’t a new trend, but it works like a charm. For as little as $200 you can choose from thousands of new door handles or knobs and instantly update your cabinets.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Appliance makeover.

For a perfectly balanced kitchen, you can add panels to your appliances to match your cabinets. Your refrigerator or the dishwasher can be transformed from worn-out white to magazine layout-chic for thousands of dollars less than buying all new appliances.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Re-think luxury counter tops.

Even though they are more widely available today, granite counter tops are still pricey. If they’re not in your budget, consider replacing those old counter tops with more laminate. Laminate comes in a variety of styles and patterns and there is even a line of laminate countertops that closely resemble granite and quartz.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Light bright.

A new lighting scheme can add wonders to your kitchen. Ditch the fluorescent bulbs for recessed or fitted lighting, to make a smaller space more efficient and inviting. Or, adding lighted crown molding can serve as a wonderful complement.

Kitchen Remodeling Options – Warm tones.

Designers think kitchen décor trends are heading back to darker shades so don’t worry if your dark cabinets are out of style. A kitchen décor with richer warmer tones and accenting tile backsplashes are more prevalent now and this trend is continuing.

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t need to be a dramatic change or a traumatic experience to your bank account. Understanding that there are several options available to you can help you through it all. And be sure to read our helpful article Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs – Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project Under Control and  Kitchen Remodeling Costs: Get a Return on your Investment if you are considering a remodeling project for your home.