Kitchen Remodeling – One Size Doesn’t Fit All








It’s a common enough phrase – one size fits all. But Kitchen Solvers is building a successful kitchen remodeling business by proving that phrase wrong.

“Outside of loved ones, there’s nothing more personal to us than our homes,” says Gerry Henley, President of Kitchen Solvers franchise system. “It’s where we spend most of our time with our families, so it should reflect individual tastes.”

Kitchen Solvers, offering home improvement solutions for kitchen, bath and more, finds that personalized service results in a higher level of customer satisfaction than most other remodeling options.

”Let’s say you’re going to remodel or refresh your kitchen,” Henley explains. “You could go to one of the chain home stores and pick out cabinets from a limited selection of styles and colors. Then you have to hire someone to install them.” Kitchen Solvers simplifies the entire process. From the initial consultation through complete installation and the final finishing touches, Kitchen Solvers works with the client to insure that individual needs are met.

“We can do custom kitchen remodeling that meets all of the customer’s needs,” Henley says. “Cabinet refacing, new cabinetry, custom-counters, planning & design, accessories, flooring, organizing systems – everything is coordinated. For the most part we handle all of the details. This is a tremendous benefit to the homeowner.”

Customer confidence also plays a major part of why people choose Kitchen Solvers since each franchise is owned and operated locally, staffed by people who live and work in the community. “We take great pride in the fact that we are working with our neighbors. They trust us to complete a thorough and professional project, and we do everything we can to make that a reality.”

Gerry Henley says one highlight of working with Kitchen Solvers is being able to utilize our certified kitchen designer. “Some people think they want a certain floor plan or layout, however when they see a plan and consult with our franchisee they may want to go in a different direction. Our customers especially appreciate finding that out before the first cabinet is installed.”

Kitchen Solvers franchisees offer a manufacturer’s warranty on materials and a warranty on installation. The installation warranty varies from franchise to franchise and is the sole responsibility of franchise outlet. So check with your local franchise owner on the warranty they provide.

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