Kitchen Remodeling Solutions Add Value

Kitchen with wraparound counter and stools
Kitchen with wraparound counter and stools

When considering a new home, the kitchen, bath, and cabinetry within the home is often the greatest detractor or selling point.  If the layout of the kitchen and bath are good, but the cabinets just seem tremendously outdated, an affordable kitchen remodeling solution is to consider a relatively simple, but completely transforming solution of cabinet refacing and incorporating new pieces that better reflect your own sense of style.

Distinctive kitchen remodeling solutions always take into account a great layout, quality functioning cabinets, and beautifully coordinating colors and materials.  The great secret in kitchen remodeling, is that changing out colors and materials, given a workable layout, is relatively easy and quite a bit less expensive than a complete kitchen gut and redo. Coupled with new tops, hardware, and light fixtures, this hybrid of kitchen remodeling quickly upgrades the home.  In addition, this strategy quickly places you firmly in a style you like, which will set the tone for your entire home, and provides added equity to your home rather than a potentially overpriced complete kitchen remodeling overhaul.

Taking this direction, money saved in cabinetry can then be allocated to other design features that improve the appeal and the value of your home—appliances, adjacent features and rooms, adding detail, flooring, and countertops.  Choosing a great paint color to freshen the entire project along with a dynamic style change can make all the difference in the home, enabling you to better enjoy the space for yourself, or having it appeal to a buyer if you are preparing to move to another.

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