Kitchen Remodeling – Take a Closer Look








Remember that professional brochure the kitchen remodeling contractor showed you? This is where you get down to the substance beneath the flash. Remember, the whole point of a kitchen remodel is to look stunning. Every job that is done properly will look amazing at first glance.

Kitchen Remodeling – Surface Materials

Surface materials are all designed to make a flashy first impression. It’s equally important, however, to know how they’ll stand up to years of heavy use and abuse by family and guests. Remember, the kitchen will take more of a pounding than any other room in your house.

The materials used in your remodeling job have to be able to stand the test of time. What quality wood or other materials are being used—is it heavy, sturdy, and damage-resistant, or is it common particle board?

Kitchen Remodeling – Ask for Samples

Ask the salesperson or kitchen remodeling contractor to show you actual samples of the materials they use. Door, countertop, and tile samples should be readily available. Examine the materials closely to determine how stable and heavy they seem to be, as well as for any imperfections. If there are imperfections, ask the contractor about them—they may just be in the sample, or the material itself may be prone to these issues.

Kitchen Remodeling – Not Just Cabinets & Countertops

Remember that cabinets and or countertops aren’t the only materials you’ll be replacing. Take a look at all the materials they offer like lighting fixture options, wall treatments, cabinet hardware (hinges), decorative handles, and flooring as well. If the contractor doesn’t have samples of all the materials available, ask if you can arrange to preview these options in person before work begins.

Some kitchen remodeling firms may have showrooms or design centers that you can visit to check out things like tiling, cabinetry, and fixtures. If this is possible, it’s often a great idea as it will allow you to go beyond simple individual product samples and actually look at full cabinets, flooring, wall treatments, and even, in some cases, new appliances.

You will be able to select from multiple options and choose the materials and color schemes that will be the best suited for your needs and desires, and you can work with the kitchen remodeling firm to design a custom project.

Kitchen Remodeling – Visit Prior Customers

If a showroom visit is not available, see what you can do about visiting the homes of prior customers, so you can see the finished product for yourself. It may even be wise to visit a customer who had work done a year or more in the past, so you can see what the fixtures might look like after months of normal wear and tear have taken their toll.

In some cases this may be difficult, as people might be understandably skittish about allowing a stranger to come into their home. However, if the contractor accompanies you, this may build trust. If it does turn out to be difficult, try to ascertain if it is wariness on the part of the customer, or on the part of the contractor.

A reputable kitchen remodeling contractor who provides quality work will rarely have an issue backing it up by showing you detailed samples of the materials they use.

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