Making your Kitchen Bright and Colourful: A style guide














One of, if not the most, important rooms of any person’s home, the kitchen is undoubtedly the first room many homeowners choose to remodel when they decide to update their home. Whether you are redoing an island, or buying brand new appliances, remodelling a kitchen can increase the value of your home. Here are five great and inexpensive kitchen remodeling ideas that can cut your kitchen renovation costs while giving your kitchen a modern and sleek look.

1. Re-Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This might be one of the more obvious solutions, but adding a coat of paint or changing the colour scheme in your kitchen can do great wonders for any kitchen. It’s a great and cheap way to give your kitchen a serious face lift. Years of usage, and a build up of dirt and grease can make cabinets look worn out. Adding a coat of paint will have your kitchen cabinets looking brand new. You will not find a cheaper remodeling solution than painting over your cabinets, and any local painter can be willing to handle the job if you are inexperienced with painting kitchen cabinets.

2. Create More Open Concept Kitchen Shelving

One of the most popular recent trends has been open shelving. Open shelving gives narrow and smaller kitchens an open layout feel and the sense that there is more to the kitchen than a refrigerator and an oven. To do this, all you have to do is remove doors from your open cabinets and sand or paint the interiors. Once you have created an open cabinet display, try buying vibrant colour plates and mugs. This way any visitor to your home can get a feel for your personality and notice the redesigned kitchen even more. Once you have created more open concept shelving in your kitchen, you will quickly notice how open shelving can free up space all around your kitchen, especially your pantry.

3. Add Cabinets that Swing-Out

Another great, cheap way to add storage in your kitchen is to install swing-out cabinets. Swing-out cabinets have the specialty of bringing all your goods right in front of you. This can help you greatly cluttered your kitchen, giving you more space to store your goods. This option has recently gained significant popularity for corner cabinets.

4. Install Lights Under Your Cabinets

One of the main issues homeowners have had with their current kitchen designs has been lighting. Homeowners have been resorted to adding chandeliers, additional lamps and even flashlights to improve the lighting in their kitchens. A great work around to this is installing under cabinet lights. This lighting can be installed under almost any wall cabinets, and this extra lighting can help you chop vegetables or read in the kitchen, even create a romantic feel for date night.

5. Kitchen Back splash

Without doubt, one of the hottest trends in the past few years has been the back splash. Rather than painting the entire kitchen or even attaching wallpaper, homeowners are choosing to highlight their kitchen by adding a back splash above their sink or stove as the premier spot of their kitchen.

The back splash for a kitchen in theory is designed to protect the wall from any splashes or cooking stains. There are plenty of ways but, a back splash makes this protection attractive.

Glass backslashes have also been popular, growing dramatically in the past few years, increasing 64% this year. With so many backslashes taking little space, they give you the freedom to try something out of the box and change it at a later date.