Making the Perfect Country Kitchen

If you’ve been considering redesigning your kitchen, there are several different styles that you could choose. Although many homeowners choose a modern design, an equally beneficial style is making a country kitchen. With a country kitchen, you’ll be getting a warm, rustic charm that marks the room as your home’s gathering place. Your friends, family and neighbors will love coming to your home for a meal or just to spend some time in your country kitchen.

However, before you can design your ideal country kitchen, you need to learn about a few of the items that a country kitchen must have. Here are a few tips and tricks for designing your perfect country kitchen and advice for working with a professional kitchen design team.

Wooden Table

Most homeowners interested in a country kitchen want a room that is perfect for hosting, which is why one of the most important features a country kitchen can have is a large wooden table. Wooden tables are the perfect centerpiece in a country kitchen for two reasons. First, depending on the type of wood that you choose, a wooden table can add to your kitchen’s rustic appearance. Secondly, with a large table, you can easily host dinner parties or family meals.

If you’re considering adding a wooden table to your country kitchen, try to use a table made from reclaimed wood, which will add an extra layer of authenticity.

Vintage Faucet

One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen into a country kitchen is update your fixtures. In addition to choosing things like brass handles for the doorknobs of your cabinets, you should consider installing a vintage style faucet. Vintage faucets, particularly swan neck faucets, can both give your kitchen a unique look as well as increase its country feel. Not only that, but installing new fixtures is one of the easiest kitchen improvement tasks you can perform.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right vintage faucet for your country kitchen, you should speak with a design professional.

Update Your Cabinets

Cabinets are important in any kitchen, no matter the design style that you are attempting, and updating your cabinets is also a great way to transform your regular kitchen into a country kitchen. Instead of solid cabinets, you can install glass front cabinets and easily achieve that country kitchen look and feel.

Besides being very attractive, glass front cabinets allow you to display your country kitchen items, such as antique ceramic dishware or classic cookware. Installing glass cabinets in your country kitchen is both a functional and exciting design choice.

Install a Country Sink

If you’ve ever spent time in a country kitchen, then you’ve probably noticed that kitchens designed in this style usually feature apron-front sinks. These sinks provide much larger basins than modern kitchen sinks, and provide an old-school style that is the hallmark of a country kitchen. Adding an apron-front sink in your kitchen can also be very useful, especially if you opt not to install a dishwasher.

However, because apron-front sinks are very large, you need to consider whether you’re willing to sacrifice the necessary counter space to accommodate this country kitchen feature.

Add a Kitchen Island

For almost every style of kitchen that you’re interested in building, there is a matching kitchen island. In addition to serving as a valuable workspace, a kitchen island can serve as the design focal point, and this is especially true if you’re designing a country kitchen. For example, if you’re looking for a more rugged country look, you could install a kitchen island that features a butcher’s block top. You can also add antique hardware for an extra classic touch.

Adding a vintage kitchen island to your kitchen is a great way to achieve your design goals.

Choosing the Right Lighting

More than almost anything else, the lighting you choose for your kitchen can determine how it feels, and in a country kitchen you need to be very careful about the lighting that you choose. Ideally, you would choose softer lighting for your country kitchen to add to its atmosphere. Slightly dimmer bulbs than you would choose for a normal kitchen can be the perfect choice in a country kitchen.

Another important part of your kitchen’s lighting is choosing the right fixtures. If you’re looking for as authentic a look as possible, you should consider hanging lights. Hanging lights with either metal or glass shades can go a long way towards transforming your regular kitchen into a country kitchen.

Tiling Options

Unlike other kitchen design styles, the design of a country kitchen should be clean and simple. This is why one of the most important parts of building a country kitchen is using white tiling. Using white tiling can give your country kitchen a classic, crisp look that you may not find in other styles of kitchen. Additionally, you can choose your tiling in multiple styles, such as subway or standard square.

Picking the Right Accessories

When it comes to kitchen design, sometimes the smallest adjustments can pay big dividends, and this is especially true when you’re designing a country kitchen. As mentioned, updating your hardware can be a great way to achieve a country kitchen feel. Installing moon-shaped cabinet and drawer handles can add to your country kitchen’s appearance. However, there are many other accessories besides hardware you should consider for your country kitchen.

Choosing the right seating, for instance, can be an important part of designing a country kitchen. Ladderback style chairs or other classic options be fantastic choices for an authentic country kitchen. Another accessory that can easily help you achieve a country kitchen aesthetic is using country style prints around your windows. Checker pattern or floral prints used throughout your kitchen can add to the rustic feel that you have been dreaming about.

Get Help Building Your Country Kitchen

If you’re looking for a unique kitchen style, a country kitchen is a great choice. Get help designing and constructing your perfect country kitchen by working with the professionals at Kitchen Solvers. The Kitchen Solvers team can give you advice about building your country kitchen and can tell you what items are likely to provide the most authentic feel.

Visit a Kitchen Solvers location today to get started on your remodeling project.


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