Mistakes That Mean Disaster for a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a huge investment, often taking weeks to complete and costing you thousands of dollars. Because you’re spending so much time and money to remodel your kitchen, you need to be certain that your project is being done the right way, which means learning about a few common renovation mistakes.

When mistakes are made during your kitchen renovation, they can completely derail your project and vastly increase your total costs. Discover a few common kitchen renovation mistakes you should be sure to avoid, and where to go to get help completing your kitchen remodeling project.

Unrealistic Budgets

There are a variety of crucial tasks that you will need to complete over the course of your kitchen renovation project, but building your budget is your primary duty. If you’ve never planned a kitchen remodel before, you might be surprised just how expensive they can be. Typically, a homeowner will spend between 10 percent and 15 percent of the value of their home on a remodel.

With such a large amount of money in play, you want to make sure you’re allocating your resources effectively. For example, you don’t want to spend a large amount of money on appliances only to find you don’t have enough funds left for your other remodeling tasks. Carefully planning your budget, and making sure you have enough money to finish your job, is vital to the success of your remodel.

Be Careful About Trends

As style conscious homeowners know, kitchen design trends can change in the blink of an eye. Many homeowners will choose trendy design features only to discover, later on, that the look of their kitchen is completely outdated due to shifting trends.

If you want your kitchen to be as attractive as possible, it’s a great idea to choose timeless design features that will never go out of style. By avoiding what’s new and trendy, you’ll ensure that you’re able to enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

Planning the Layout

If you’re not familiar with kitchen design, you may not be aware that a kitchen is separated into three important zones: refrigerator, sink and stove. When you’re using your kitchen, whether for hosting or meal preparation, you need to be able to flow effortlessly between these three zones, which means you need to be very cautious when planning your kitchen layout.

While choosing the design features that you will add to your kitchen, you need to be certain that they don’t interfere with the three zone layout of your kitchen. If there are any obstacles preventing you from easily accessing the different zones of your kitchen, you won’t be able to enjoy your kitchen the way that you deserve.

Avoid Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

As you can see, there are several kitchen renovation mistakes that you need to avoid during your remodeling project. Fortunately, completing your project quickly and effectively is easy when you work with the professionals at Kitchen Solvers. The Kitchen Solvers team can help you with every step of your renovation project, from the planning stages to the end of your job.

Visit a location today so that you can start building the kitchen of your dreams.