Must Have Features of the Modern Home


Twenty years ago when you bought your beautiful home, it was brand new and featured all the latest home trends and design styles. You immediately fell in love with the charm, the kitchen and the bathrooms—and you made many memories within the walls. You were too busy enjoying your home to realize that, as the time passed, those once trendy aspects now have your house labeled as “dated.” Those wooden cabinets from the mid-90’s; the cute, bright red chicken wallpaper border that graces the top of the entire kitchen; and the pastel colored toilet bowl—all of these factors make your spaces excellent candidates for a complete overhaul.

If you are planning to sell your home any time soon, or even if you would just like to live in a “new” space, it is time to bring your house into the 21st century. Before you begin to feel overwhelmed by the thought of undertaking a giant renovation, sit back, relax and read through these must-have features of the modern home. Some rooms are more important than others when it comes to updates, and Kitchen Solvers can help you to breathe new life into these rooms virtually stress free.

Cabinetry Makes the Modern Kitchen

Since cabinetry takes up most of the kitchen, the look and vibe that it creates in the room is a big deal. In the past, quality cabinets strived to show off their woodwork with lighter stains that brought out their natural textures. While craftsmanship is still a key aspect in the modern home, most shoppers see this common old style as now very out of style. Dark cabinet stains or all white are currently very popular and appeal to a variety. Good news for you if your kitchen cabinets need a facelift—refacing your cabinets is a simple solution that will give the allure of an entire new kitchen. This is one of the major components of kitchen remodeling.

Personal Touches Make Modern Homes Unique

One gripe that many have about modern homes and kitchen or bathroom remodeling is that these spaces are “cookie cutter.” While older homes did feature the trends of the times, they did differ much more stylistically than the modern home. However, if you would like to upgrade or remodel your spaces, you do not have to surrender your style and flare. In fact, personal touches are encouraged. It is easy to add these elements with a beautiful kitchen backsplash, pop of color on an accent wall or design theme in the bathrooms.

The Modern Home is Functional

Functionality is a huge deal in modern home design. Many homeowners would rather have kitchen and bathroom spaces that worked well for them than looked as if they were taken straight from a magazine. At Kitchen Solvers, we believe that you can have both. We are experts in storage solutions that will make your spaces more functional than ever before. Are you feeling a little cramped in your once loved home? Rather than looking to move to a different space, consider a remodel instead.

The Modern Home Must Have Light

If you have watched any real estate television shows, you will catch that there is at least one common want with homeowners and buyers—light. Nobody wants to live in a dark, depressing space. You do not have to install 50 new windows to solve this issue if you feel as if your home is a little on the dark side—bright, neutral color palettes, adding additional light fixtures and installing new flooring can brighten a room, open it and make your home appear newer. Of course, installing a window or skylight in the bathroom never hurts either.

Modern Homes Embrace Beautiful Flooring

Okay, carpet is not completely a thing of the past. Homeowners still love the feel of carpet in the bedrooms and family areas, but if you have not replaced your carpets, if might be time. One thing that all modern homes should embrace is flooring. Rather than just putting down the most functional product on the market, flooring in a home should flow with each room individually. Keep in mind while undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project—the flooring you choose can easily clash with the rest of the room. Kitchen Solvers can help you to select beautiful floors that will flow with the entire home.

The Bathroom Is a Personal Escape

If you have ever wanted your own personal retreat, remodeling your bathroom is the perfect time to create one. Modern homes embrace the spa-like bathroom with elements such as large, jetted tubs, relaxing stand-up showers and a flowing design that is an artful expression of peace. The bathroom used to be just a bathroom, but the modern home puts great emphasis on the space—and choosing to remodeling can increase your home value.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Are Most Important

Have you caught onto the trend? The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in a home when it comes to being up to date. If you can only choose two rooms—choose these. These are the rooms that make a home livable, functional and enjoyable: all important features of the modern home. Choosing to remodel the kitchen or bathroom can make you feel as if you have moved into a brand new house all over again, without having to leave the one that you have already made so many memories in.

Let Us Help You with Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to bring your home into the 21st century? Undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodel will do the trick. The professional team at Kitchen Solvers is ready to help you to get your project started. From the design process to the finishing touches, we will walk you through our “pleasant remodeling experience” and present you with a new kitchen, bathroom or both that you will love. If you would like more information, visit our services page or contact a representative with Kitchen Solvers today.