Newly Remodeled Kitchen Done With Cabinet Refacing – Why Now-Why Kitchen Solvers?





As the economy marches toward its recovery, many people are beginning to realize part of that recovery is their responsibility. When we begin to put money back into the economy, the wheels that had almost ground to a halt, will begin to slowly turn again. It is essential that we have the confidence to begin spending money in order to get the recovery moving forward. However, many consumers are worried that if they spend too quickly, we will be right back in the recession.

So, what can you afford to do that will be part of the recovery solution, but not completely stress your hard-earned savings? How about a new kitchen? Many are surprised at how little it can cost to create a custom kitchen at substantial savings of what a complete remodel would cost. The answer is found in cabinet refacing. With cabinet refacing we re-use your existing cabinet boxes. The doors and drawer fronts are removed, your cabinet face-fame is refaced with factory finished wood paneling, and to complete the project new custom-made solid wood doors and drawer fronts, decorative handles, and high-grade self-closing hinges are installed.

Professionally refaced cabinets are not distinguishable from new cabinets and you can have the custom look you have always dreamed of. In this economy, it pays to be careful, not wasteful and excessive, and refacing is ‘green’ inherently. By not replacing perfectly functioning cabinet boxes, you save your hard-earned money and help save space in our landfills. Yet, by customizing the doors and drawer fronts with any type of wood you choose, even exotic woods, you have a one-of-a-kind custom kitchen that your neighbors will envy for years to come.

Kitchen Solvers brings a consultative approach to your remodeling experience. We look at the big picture and consult you on how to save money and still provide you with superior results, exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials.

As you can see, now is the very best time to get the kitchen of your dreams and Kitchen Solvers can help get the process started. Give us a call – what are you waiting for?

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