Out with the Old, in with the New: Eat-In Kitchen Solutions


When you watch television, you may notice that many sitcom families still enjoy their meals around a full-sized table in a separate dining room, but why? If you’re like most families, sitting down to dinner in a dining room is something that only takes place on holidays or special occasions. While many desire to spend this time with their families on a regular basis, eating in a separate dining room can be inconvenient and uncomfortable.

In fact, many families have transformed their dining room into a space that is more functional, a space that houses more than a never-used table and a dusty china cabinet. If you fall into this category, like many of us do, there are solutions to eating together as a family that don’t involve a formal dining room or sitting on the couch. With eat-in kitchen solutions, you and your family can enjoy eating meals together in comfort and convenience without sacrificing style.

Island Eating

If you have a smaller family, you can consider the advantages of eating at your kitchen’s island. With comfortable bar stools, you can pull right up to the island so that dishes don’t have to travel to and from a table. Such an eat-in kitchen solution is a great space saver, in lieu of a dining table. When you are done eating, simply push the barstools under the island, and you have more space to travel through your kitchen.

Or, if you want to take your island eating to the next level, you can have a built-in table designed and installed to your kitchen’s island. Some have even had bench seating built off of their island, so that they can enjoy eating from the comfort of their own, restaurant-style booth. A small, round-shaped table attached to the end of an island is a popular choice too, as you still are eating at a table, without losing the convenience of island eating.

The Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are cozy seating areas that can be placed in any corner of your kitchen. Usually, these nooks have booth-style seating, but sometimes they feature smaller bistro-style tables and chairs. Depending on your personal preference, you could choose the style of breakfast nook that best suits you and your family.

Even when you are not using these breakfast nooks to eat, they can also serve as a multi-functional space, as they are in a convenient place in the home. For instance, children can do their homework from the table while you cook dinner. Or, if you need a place to read the newspaper or conduct work while you drink your morning cup of coffee, these spaces are perfect for such.

Eat-In Kitchen Solutions for Dinner Guests

While eat-in kitchen solutions are great for day-to-day meals, what about those holidays when you do have family members and friends over? If you have transformed your dining room into an office or a small library, it can be awkward to squeeze guests in there to eat.

But, with eat-in kitchens, you could consider placing an expandable table in your breakfast nook, or off the end of your island. So when you need to add extra seats, doing so is as simple as adding a leaf to your table and pulling extra chairs out of storage.

Have you been thinking about adding an eat-in kitchen solution to your home? If so, contact us at Kitchen Solvers today to learn more about the kitchen remodeling services we offer, so that we can help you build the kitchen of your dreams.