Overlooked Design Trends That May Be Perfect for Your Kitchen

When you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen, learning about some of the hottest kitchen design trends is a good idea. If you want your kitchen to have a unique look, however, then you may want to consider a few overlooked trends that not many homeowners choose. Select a few of these ignored design options, and you should be able to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look that you’ll appreciate day in and day out. Check out these overlooked kitchen design trends so that you can get a few ideas for making over the kitchen in your home. 

Multifunction Furniture and Appliances

A lack of space is one of the most common obstacles that homeowners encounter when remodeling their kitchen. If you’re trying to give your kitchen a new look and feel but are dealing with limited space, then installing multifunction furniture is one of the best overlooked trends for you.

By combining several different pieces of kitchen furniture into one, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of space while also boosting the functionality of the room. For example, if you don’t have room for both prep and serving spaces, you could install a kitchen island that can convert into a dining table. In addition to multifunction furniture, you can save space with multifunction appliances, such as an in-sink dishwasher or a range with a built-in microwave.

Protect Your Island With Reclaimed Wood

An island can be the perfect centerpiece for most kitchens, but if you have children, the style of your island may experience a great deal of wear and tear. Fortunately, you can keep your island looking great while also giving your kitchen a unique design by building a kick plate with reclaimed wood.

Using reclaimed wood in kitchens is an often-disregarded trend that may be perfect for your home. Covering the seating area in your island with reclaimed wood can create a warm, homey look that you’ll love, and it will also protect the island itself from long-term damage. Once your reclaimed wood is installed, your young one can swing their legs to their heart’s content without scuffing or scratching your island.

Swap out Your Lighting

Just because you want to give your kitchen a new look, it doesn’t mean you necessarily want to spend your money and time on a full remodel. Fortunately, transforming your kitchen doesn’t always require a lot of effort or expense, and even small changes such as new lighting fixtures can provide big benefits.

Installing new, dramatic kitchen lighting is one of the most overlooked kitchen design trends. If you currently have recessed lighting in your kitchen, for example, swapping it out for pendant lighting can give your kitchen a completely different appearance. There are countless stylish lighting fixtures available, so you should be able to do a little research and find an option that will give your kitchen the striking look that you want.

Mix up Your Flooring Materials

When you’re trying to give your kitchen a new lease on life, installing new flooring is one of the best things that you can do. While it may be tempting to install the same flooring option throughout your kitchen, mixing and matching materials can be an effective way to give the room that signature look that both you and visitors will enjoy.

Finding the right mix of materials can certainly be a little tricky, but if you get it right, you can give your kitchen an attention-grabbing aesthetic that will feel fresh for years to come. If you’re interested in varying the floor materials in your kitchen, you should consult with a design professional to get help choosing the options that are right for your home.

Think About a Window Backsplash

If you know anything about kitchen design, then you’re probably aware that nothing ties the room together quite like the perfect backsplash. While you could choose the tried=and-true option of installing a tile backsplash, a window backsplash can result in an interesting look that you won’t find in many other homes.

With a window backsplash, you’re basically installing a window where the backsplash would normally be. For instance, a large window right above the cooking range is a bold style choice that will make your kitchen feel more open while also adding a lot of natural light to your room. Obviously, a window backsplash isn’t possible in all homes since you’ll need a suitable exterior wall, but if you’re able to add this feature to your kitchen, you won’t have any regrets.

Unfitted Kitchens

Some kitchen trends don’t stay overlooked forever, and if you’re interested in hopping onto a design before it becomes popular, building an unfitted kitchen deserves your consideration. An unfitted kitchen is one in which your cooking range and refrigerator aren’t recessed into your cabinets. Instead, they stand on their own, resulting in a modular design that can make your kitchen feel like it’s from the future. Unfitted kitchens are poised to explode in popularity, so you should think about choosing this trend while there’s still room on the bandwagon.

Bring Some Nature Into Your Home

Foods made with the freshest ingredients are in vogue right now, which makes it surprising that few people have taken advantage of this last overlooked kitchen trend: building your own indoor herb garden. If you get a lot of sunlight in your kitchen, growing your own herbs is actually pretty easy, and your garden can make it feel like spring in your kitchen year-round.

The great thing about kitchen herb gardens is that you can choose whatever size best fits your home. So, if you have a smaller kitchen, you can put a few plants on your windowsill, and if you have more space, you can build a larger garden that’s filled with plants. Building your own indoor herb garden is an excellent way to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd, and it will also make it easier for you to cook fresh, delicious meals your family will love.

Build Your Trendy Kitchen

After learning about a few overlooked kitchen design trends, you should be more than ready to get started remodeling your kitchen, and at Kitchen Solvers, we are here to make your project as fun, easy, and successful as possible. One of our remodeling professionals would be glad to talk with you about the design trends you’re considering and then help implement those designs in your home. Pay a visit to one of our many locations today so that you can get started building your dream kitchen.

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