Popular Kitchen Styles

Just like people, no two kitchens are ever the exact same. While functionality remains fairly similar from space to space, a kitchen’s style gives it uniqueness and character. Kitchens come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Although this may seem overwhelming in the planning phase, this versatility is truly a blessing in disguise. With the guidance of our kitchen experts and a large array of kitchen themes, we are able to make any dream kitchen a reality. To help our homeowners on their remodeling journey, we have highlighted some of the most popular kitchen styles and trends.


A traditional style kitchen often encompasses many styles without favoring a particular one. Drawing upon warm and classic elements, this style uses soft and muted colors to enhance the “homey feel” associated with a traditional kitchen. Attention to detail and the use of decorative accessories solidifies this classic theme. Since traditional kitchens are all about the details, crown moldings, fluting, corbels, and cabinets with an embellished style are all common characteristics present in this style. Simple ceramic and stone tile backsplashes compliment the wood detailing wonderfully while tying the whole room together. To finish this look off, most homeowners lean towards granite countertops, but almost any material will pair nicely.


A country kitchen is built off of a rural, farmhouse design using organic materials such as wood and rock to highlight the rustic aesthetic. The cabinets are usually painted, but occasionally beautiful grained wood like oak or pine is used. Another trending cabinet look is to install distressed boards. Cabinetry insets include bead board, glass, tin, and “chicken wire.” Adding to the desired rustic appearance, kitchen countertops include granite, solid surface, tile, soapstone, slate, and butcher block. Bronze and copper are normally incorporated in the sinks, ovens, refrigerators, handles, and door pulls. The final steps to finishing the kitchen include adding floral/botanical prints, hand painted dishes, folk art, throw rugs and curtains, design elements seen in the country style.


Inspired by English country, cottage kitchen styles have a charming and cozy air about them. Cottage styles are often synonymous to beach houses and the Nantucket Shingle style homes. White or pastel cabinetry that’s slightly worn but not shabby is assimilated in these homes. Shutters on the pantry doors, windows, or even just serving the purpose of creative décor helps intensify the cheery theme. Adding color and character, patterned wall coverings are common-in checks, plaids, and small prints or floral. Concluding the cottage style, most homeowners install glass doors on the upper cabinets, fabric inserts or bead board, white or paneled appliances, solid surface or butcher block countertops, and wood or ceramic tile floors.

Craftsmen/Mission Style

This style is also referred to as arts and crafts style because it is minimal hassle and a comfortable style. Pulling from simple aspects of nature, arts and crafts style kitchens incorporate natural lighting, materials, textures, and colors. The cabinetry has recessed panel doors, thick and flush frames and often times hand carved corbels and wood brackets are placed for an added detail. To maintain the natural aesthetic, the cabinetry will have a simplistic wood finish. The most common backsplashes are stone tile or ceramic tile while countertops vary from granite, sold surface, and butcher block.


A contemporary kitchen is very similar to a modern style following suit with its simple, sleek, and angular characteristics. However, contemporary allows for more freedom and personalization. To achieve a sleek kitchen with clean lines, the cabinetry is often a dark wood or black with stainless steel, glass, laminate, concrete, chrome, and/or lacquer. Though, light finished wood cabinetry has become increasingly common during the last couple of years. Kitchen sinks are usually stainless; countertops are stainless steel, glass, laminate, but granite is also a favorite. Contemporary styles tend to stray from ornate details and designs, so backsplashes normally match the countertop. Appliances are usually steel, but black also compliments these kitchens well.

Old World Style

The Old World style pulls a strong influence from Greek, Roman, Tuscany, and Mediterranean cultures. These influences paired together create a style that exudes warmth, class, vibrancy, and sophistication. The Old World style favors natural materials. Wood is the key element to any Old World style kitchen; beautiful wood grains, often with glazes or slightly distressed wood helps illustrate the coveted antique appearance. When painted cabinetry is used it is in rich colors- greens, reds, and blues. Playing onto the idea of natural materials, stone countertops and stone tile backsplashes along with stone or wood flooring aid in the presentation of these kitchens. Copper, bronze, and black cast iron metals are preferred along with apron-front sinks-stone or metal-vessel-island sinks. Giving the space more character, copper or bronze pot hangers are practically a necessity for this style. Finally, grape and wine themes help tie in the heavy European influence.