Recycling – Is Your Kitchen Designed to Handle the Task

18-4_700663178Recycling – Let’s All Pitch In

Recycling is on my mind—only from realizing that the facts according to the “ Keep America Beautiful” website fact sheet states that in 2009, Americans recycled 82 million tons of materials. The resulting CO2 emission reduction is equivalent to taking 33 million passenger vehicles off the road!  In addition, another fun fact is that recyclable materials in the U.S. waste stream would generate over $7 billion if they were recycled. That’s equivalent to Donald Trump’s net worth.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  The real point, however, is what we can do to make this part of our lives in a big way, and do it in a smart way at the point of waste—throughout our homes, and most often in our kitchens?

As a cook myself, I find recycling is easiest if I can quickly rinse, and quickly dispose of whatever type of waste I am dealing with—and that often means having the space where I deposit the recycling  close to my prep area.  Base sink cabinets often have one side that could be available for a sliding garbage/or recycling depository.  Adjacent to the base sink could be a trash compactor, with a nearby recycling base cabinet, the other side perhaps a dishwasher.  Another thought is locating the recycling in a large pantry cabinet or small closet type pantry nearby that includes garbage, cleaning supplies, etc.

Perhaps the easiest strategy to consider (along with an efficient system) is to reduce packaging in general—which often means fresher food for you as well.  Bon appetite!