Remodeling a Bathroom: 10 Ideas to Consider

Master Bath After - compressedRemodeling a bathroom is no small undertaking and it’s important that you get the most out of the project. No matter how large or small your remodeling project may be, it’s going to take time, effort, and money to transform your bathroom. Here are 10 bathroom remodeling ideas that will help ensure your project is successful.

What is the Point?

Remodeling a bathroom begins with determining the extent of the project. Are you simply looking to replace fixtures to spruce things up a bit, or are you considering a major remodeling that includes redesigning the layout? Replacing bathroom fixtures can alter the look, provide you with some new features, and also conserve water. However, if you’ll be changing everything from the floor on up, then in essence you’re creating a new bathroom, redefining the style, and the function of your bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom at this level requires careful thought, coordination, vision, and detail.

Remodeling a bathroom may incorporate new elements from flooring to fixtures, different types of cabinets, and various accessories. In addition, changing the location of the vanity, bath and shower system, and electrical outlets can mean a relatively simple renovation turning into a complex remodeling project. A major overhaul of your bathroom warrants consulting with a designer to ensure all details are addressed.

Style and Look

What do you want your remodeled bathroom to look like? Are you interested in an ultra modern look, something retro or contemporary? Is this a master bathroom and connected to a remodeling of your bedroom, too? Will that influence the style? Do you prefer streamlined bathroom fixtures or something that has more bulk? Coordination of all parts of your remodeled bathroom will ensure stylistic integrity will create a pleasing environment.

What Are Your Limitations?

Remodeling a bathroom can involve some limitations. Be sure you understand what yours are. This will save you a substantial amount of time, as limitations in budget, space and access can all influence how many and the type of choices that make the most sense. You may want an upscale vanity, full shower with a separate tub or a heated tile floor. Adding a Jacuzzi, stylish cabinets for storage, or a blow drying system are also amenities to consider. Make practical choices in design and materials that fit within the limitations you may face.

Scale Design

Any bathroom remodeling project can benefit greatly from the insight, knowledge and skill of a professional designer. A competent designer will create a scale representation of your bath’s layout, ensuring that everything fits without comprising functionality. They will help coordinate the look, determine how to solve challenges in design and layout, and provide estimates on costs. If you decide to design your new bathroom yourself, then be sure to create a scale layout either using graph paper or any number of free or inexpensive online design programs. Take careful measurements of the space available and research the size of cabinets, vanities, and tub or shower areas.

Reliable Fixture Performance

Read reviews on all bathrooms fixtures, talk to friends and family who have recently renovated their bath to see if they have any insight regarding performance and carefully read all warranties. What is the reputation of the manufacturing company and how long have they been in business?

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Take your time in choosing the fixtures for your new bathroom. These are a major investment. A good toilet costs around $400 and a single fixture such as a shower module can cost over $2,000. Select plumbing fixtures that match in look and feel. Keep in mind fixtures need to stand up to daily wear and tear, be simple to maintain, and offer ease in access and operation. Shop around, consider different brands and become informed regarding materials, design, and workmanship.

What Type of Cabinets?

Remodeling a bathroom can also involve selecting new cabinets. Cabinet choices involve practical considerations such as space and design choices including color and style. Do you want marble tops, tile, or some sort of synthetic material? Are your cabinets made from hardwood, plywood, or particleboard? Hardwood and plywood are more durable and reliable than particleboard, especially in damp environments like a bathroom. Solid, heavy hardware is important when it comes to drawer glides, handles, and hinges. Spending a bit more for quality cabinets can pay off in the long run.

Flooring Material Choices

Remodeling a bathroom can also involve new flooring. And as you might suspect, you also have numerous choices when it comes to bathroom flooring materials. Marble, stone, and ceramic tiles are all waterproof. These are great choices. You can also install heating elements under the flooring to keep the tile and your feet warm. A more budget friendly option to flooring is linoleum. This alternative isn’t as durable and in more susceptible to mold and mildew if not cleaned regularly.

Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting fixtures and mirrors are important parts of a bathroom remodel. Along with being stylistic in nature, they are also practical, allowing users to put on their makeup, shave, and perform other duties with ease. Consider both the practical and stylistic nature of your lighting and mirrors. Strategically placing lighting fixtures and mirrors in your new bathroom will improve functionality and the esthetics of your project. A qualified lighting designer can provide helpful recommendations.

Making Accessories Work

And lastly, remodeling a bathroom should also consider accessories such as toilet tissue holders, towel hooks and bars, and showerheads complement every bathroom renovation. These smaller details should work with all other bathroom elements to create an environment that is pleasing and stylish. Consider the design of each when it comes to ease of use and look. The look of your bathroom accessories should match the overall décor and style of your freshly remodeled bathroom.

It’s Your Bathroom!

This is your new bathroom and that means that you have numerous choices to make. Take your time in researching each aspect of your bathroom remodeling project and before doing anything decide on the scope of and reason for your project. What exactly do you want to achieve and what are your limitations? Then work towards creating the bathroom that will fit your needs, look great and stand up to daily use.

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