Remodeling – Finding the Perfect Balance


20-1_580375668Embracing the subtlety of ‘nuance’ and balance—will be all the difference in your remodeling project.  Too often one can become too focused on just one or two features that seem to personify the remodeling project.  Too often, these are the budget busters of the remodeling project.  I think the most successful projects–kitchen, bath, laundry, office, or combination, when looked at from both the ‘big picture’ and ‘perfect detail’ perspective are the most successful projects.  How?…

Think Big First

First think big—get those appliances figured out, determine how much space you can access—for instance, just the existing kitchen or can you take over the unused dining room or hallway too?   Thinking about why you are taking this project on, and keeping in mind the end result is key.  Is your goal to finally get a functional kitchen that supports your way of life?  Determined to make that house really YOUR home?  Perhaps this is the opportunity to really have the space that fits your way of living, entertaining, and enjoying your home?

The Design Features You Really Love

Then, take a look at the features that call out to you—the gorgeous colored exotic granite might be fabulous, but perhaps working out a paint treatment and dynamic backsplash in tile allows you to save on the countertop?  Embrace the fun and the puzzle of the design process—it is the way to evaluate your options.  As you sort through decisions, I believe that you will find that balance that allows you to achieve your goals through the subtle and savvy choices you make along the way—achieved through the beautiful nuances of thoughtful design.