Save Money with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Not Replacing

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You have got a vision in your head. A clear vision of your dream kitchen, which does not include your current kitchen cabinets. Those outdated things have just got to go. The difficult issue to consider is that kitchen cabinets are pretty pricey, and that would use money that you could put elsewhere in your remodeling. Thankfully, there is an alternative that could make things easier- kitchen cabinet refacing. If the design and layout of your kitchen makes you happy, and a total kitchen overhaul would be totally inconvenient, refacing might be for you. Imagine a beautiful kitchen that you have always dreamed of, remodeled the easy way. Save money by refacing, not replacing.

How We Tackle Refacing

People define “refacing” as many different things. Some call painting “refacing,” while others use stain or even contact paper. At Kitchen Solvers, we do true kitchen cabinet refacing. We outfit your old cabinet shells with new doors and drawer fronts that have been made out of the wood of your choice and in the color of your choice. Matching veneer pieces are applied to any exposed face frames and end panels, giving your kitchen a totally new, cohesive look. Cabinet refacing is a quick, economic way to get the look of a completely brand-new kitchen without much of the hassle.

More Than a New Look

Refacing your cabinets does not mean that you will not have the opportunity to also make them more functional. We can help you to outfit your existing kitchen cabinets with better storage solutions and features that fit your lifestyle perfectly. Adding accessories will make your kitchen much more functional. You will not recognize your existing cabinets when they are complete.

The Benefits of Refacing

There are several benefits that come with refacing kitchen cabinets, rather than having them completely replaced. To start, refacing takes only a matter of days to complete. The process is much simpler, with a smaller mess and less inconvenience. Your cabinets are also still usable throughout the process. Refacing your cabinets is also an eco-friendly way to recycle materials as you update your kitchen.

Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Right for You?

Though we love this route of kitchen remodeling and highly recommend it for some clients, kitchen cabinet refacing is not right for everyone. If you do not like the current layout of your kitchen and would like to change it, refacing might not be for you. Also, if the exterior and interior of your cabinets are not in good condition or you have any structural damage, you should consider replacing them rather than refacing.

Learn More about Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Do you think that kitchen cabinet refacing is right for you? As your personal kitchen remodeling experts, we are here to help you with all of your remodeling needs as you complete your home projects. Speaking to one of our friendly representatives will help you to begin the process. To learn more about this service or our other kitchen remodeling services, visit our kitchen cabinet refacing page or contact a representative with Kitchen Solvers today.