Saving on Kitchen Remodeling – what you must consider before DIY

11-1_1316726039Taking a kitchen remodeling project on generally doesn’t come from out of nowhere.  Usually there is a reason, and it is often based on a frustrating repeating occurrence of something not working well, lifestyle needs not matching up to lifestyle desires, and a lack of having our belongings neatly tucked away in an organized space.

Since you are reading this, you are likely suffering from remodeling need, but also just as likely, no matter what your budget, you might be looking for ways to help the project along without busting your budget.  If you can truly embrace the top three points of DIY considerations, you too can reduce your costs in your next kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodeling tip #1 – Always know yourself

In any kitchen remodeling project there is a process.  Starting from the vision you have in mind, to preparing the space for your contractors to begin work, you can do a lot of the homework, and the actual work yourself, which helps save time and money.  Some people are great at painting, and others really should not do this work.  Some are great at shopping for deals, and don’t mind checking out every retailer for the right plumbing fixture and the best price.  Some are great at demolition, and others make great assistants to the installer so time flies.  If you have never done it before, this might not be the time to try if you are really cost and time conscious—and the best avenue is to allow yourself to do the project you know how to do, and let the pros do what you cannot.  You don’t want your kitchen remodeling to end up perhaps causing more aggravation or cost that you were actually trying to save.

Kitchen Remodeling tip #2 – Know the plan

It is great that you know where you want to go, but the pros know that breaking down the project into realistic chunks of related activity, and having a reasonable understanding of the timing for each activity of the kitchen remodel is key to keeping calm during the upheaval of any project, and helps all involved take changes or setbacks in stride.  You won’t be able to control every bit of the project and plan for each minute, but you will be able to coordinate with your contractor or team  or supplier what should be going on, and you can help everyone stay on track.  Helping do this is first important by sharing the anticipated scheduled, staying informed if there are delays in your kitchen remodel, and brainstorming together how to get back on track.  Be realistic—in every stage of the kitchen remodeling proejct there is a process—planning, confirming measurements, ordering,  tear down, product ready, prepping the space including potentially rewiring, plumbing, resurfacing floors or walls, and cabinetry refacing, replacing, or reworking into a new scheme.  Any parts of this you can do provide you the opportunity to make the project go more smoothly, more efficiently and potentially eliminate what you have to pay for and can then do yourself.

A common challenge is to have a talented or determined “ Do it yourselfer”  want to do the bulk of the kitchen remodel, and often get bogged down midway and not complete the project due to other obligations, running into unanticipated snags, or realizing the project is much bigger than originally anticipated. Not staying on track, especially if there are any other subcontractors planned for the project, is often the source of aggravation and increased costs.

The only way around this is to be realistic—with your time, your talent, and your money.

Perhaps you could lay tile and paint just fine, but when it comes to wiring or plumbing, your remodel deserves to have a pro involved.  Or perhaps you could also tackle modest wiring changes and a sink install but realize that it does take a pro to well execute the specialized techniques of kitchen cabinet refacing or installing cabinets.  Perhaps you can assist a pro but will need him or her to help you through the process. Perhaps you can do the removal or demolition as needed.  Just be sure to not demo too much, or that can end up being costly to repair unnecessary demos.

Kitchen Remodeling tip #3 – Know the Pros—and consider all costs

Don’t assume you can in fact do everything for less money.  Often specialty kitchen remodelers have worked out the buying power with suppliers that you cannot compete with, have streamlined their process to be efficient that reduces down time in a kitchen remodel, and have the pros working in an efficient way to be able to deliver a kitchen remodel on time and budget and without headaches.

When calculating costs, consider the value of your time, and what you can spare towards the project.  Consider your buying power as well—in some cases the product may cost the same and be a better quality from a supplier that specializes in kitchen remodels compared to a general big box retailer.  Also consider the value and inconvenience of your kitchen in disarray as you work through your own life and work and how long it will take you to do the remodel. That “kitchen remodeling frustration” is also something that has value attached to it.

Finally, realize that the beauty of knowing how to do something and contributing towards a big project is rewarding.  Just stay realistic, and the kitchen remodel will be a pleasant and often memorable effort—with your team assembled, and you participating.

And you just might save a bit of money along the way.  And be sure to research Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs – Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project Under Control if you do plan to do a kitchen remodeling project.