Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel








Though we call ourselves the Kitchen Solvers, we also provide homeowners with solutions for remodeling their bathrooms. When you have your bathroom remodeled, possibly one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is choosing a shower. The right shower can transform your bathroom into a retreat when you can escape to relax and wash your worries away.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of showers to choose from, it can make anyone’s head spin. To choose one for your remodel, contemplate what you want and need most from your shower. Consider these bathroom remodel shower ideas if you are thinking about investing in a new shower to complete your updated space.

Showerheads Galore

Typically, showers feature a standard wall-mount showerhead. While these types of showerheads are perfectly fine, and get the job done, you can opt for a different type of showerhead that will enhance your overall shower experience. For instance, sliding bar showerheads are a great solution for families that have people of drastically different heights. The showerhead can be adjusted to the appropriate level for whomever is showering, so that they are more comfortable.

A top-mount, or ceiling-mount, showerhead is different, and makes you feel as if you are showering in a relaxing, heavy rainfall. The water pours from directly over you, encapsulating your entire body. It’s hard not to stand in this shower all day.

In an effort to soothe sore muscles, spa shower panels and mist shower jets water out from the sides of your shower. Similar to the top-mount shower head, you are cascaded with water all-over.

Walk In to Your Dream Shower

Walk-in showers seem to be rising in popularity for bathroom remodel shower ideas. These showers are typically bigger than your standard shower and oftentimes don’t have doors. You can, quite literally, walk in to your walk-in shower without having to fuss over sliding doors or molding shower curtains.

Not only do frameless walk-in showers improve the convenience of your shower maintenance, they look fantastic. For ultimate privacy, you can enclose your shower with gorgeous tile or stone, as opposed to having the upper-half of the wall be made of glass. If you like the look of a modernized, glass shower, you can certainly incorporate this element to your walk-in. With any combination of stone and glass, the number of styles are endless.

What’s Hot in Bathroom Remodel Shower Ideas

Remodeling trends for bathrooms seem to pop up left and right. For showers, materials are especially important when it comes to staying current. Most choose a neutral-colored tile or stone for their shower, but white subway tiles are what’s currently trending. These tiles have a clean and classic look to them.

Built-in shelves are also making their way into the scene. Instead of having plastic lips that jut out from the corners of your shower, or those awful, metal hanging baskets from your showerhead, built-in shelves are a gorgeous and convenient solution. You can store all of your shower products in these inlets without cluttering your shower space.

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