Simple DIY Backsplash Ideas

If your kitchen is feeling boring or drab to you, a DIY backsplash is a quick and budget-friendly idea that can add new life and pizazz to your space. You don’t have to commit to a full kitchen remodel to give your kitchen a new look. Start with something small like a DIY backsplash while you save up for a full remodel in the future! Here are a few ideas for simple DIY backsplashes to consider.

Stick on Vinyl or Tile

Stick on vinyl or craft vinyl is cheap and durable. It comes in lots of different colors or patterns and is easy to install. Best of all, it peels off easily so if you make a mistake or decide you don’t like it, you can change it out. Cut the vinyl yourself and create a pattern like a herringbone, chevron, basketweave, or subway tile. Or if you find a patterned vinyl you like, cut large pieces and simply apply them to your wall.

If you want more of the tile look, there are a lot of peel-and-stick faux tile options on the market. These faux tiles come in sheets with an adhesive back that sticks directly onto your wall. This method cuts out the messy and time-consuming grout work and saves you a significant amount of money as well.

Install beadboard backsplash

Beadboard is an extremely inexpensive material that is easy to find at your local hardware store. It comes in white but can also be painted a different color easily without adding a ton of expense. It can be installed in large pieces and is easy to cut to fit around outlets or other obstacles in the backsplash area. It is super lightweight and can be installed with liquid nails or glue right over your existing backsplash if you’d like as well. If you do choose to paint it, use a durable, easy-to-clean paint so you can easily wipe away spills and splatters.

Pallet wood or shiplap backsplash

If you have more of a rustic style, using recycled pallet wood is very inexpensive and will add a ton of character to your kitchen. Pallet wood is usually pretty easy to find and can be left rough and natural for a rustic look. Or you can sand it all down for a smoother, more polished look. If you lean more farmhouse than rustic, tongue and groove shiplap would make a beautiful backsplash as well. This is also easy to find at your local hardware store. You can install it vertically or horizontally for two totally different looks. Paint it a fun color, or leave it as its raw wood tone for a warm, natural texture.

Paint your existing backsplash

If you already have a backsplash installed, but don’t like the color of it, consider simply painting over it. Tile takes paint pretty well. Just make sure you deep clean it thoroughly and use a primer as a base coat. After that, you can paint it a solid color or use a stencil to create a fun design on it. If you don’t have a tile backsplash already, you can always just paint the drywall a solid color to add a touch of color and pop to your kitchen. Or use paint to create the illusion of a tile backsplash by painting a tile pattern with grout lines—make sure you use painter’s tape to create straight lines—or have a very steady hand!

Garden Stone backsplash

Another fun and unique backsplash idea is to use garden stones or pebbles. These will add a whimsical, fairytale feel to your home and make your kitchen feel like it’s right out of story book. If this look would fit your style, garden stones are typically pretty cheap and no two stones are exactly alike so your backsplash will have lots of texture and variety.


Finally, wallpaper is always an option for a quick touch of spice to your backsplash. Wallpaper comes in every types of color and pattern so you’re sure to find one that fits your style and personality. A lot of wallpapers come in easy peel-and-stick rolls these days too so it’s a lot easier to install than it used to be. No longer is installing and removing wallpaper the chore and hassle it used to be so it can be a great choice for your DIY backsplash.

Whatever you choose to do for a DIY backsplash, remember that it’s all a learning process. It won’t be perfect, but it is a great temporary solution for your outdated kitchen. When you’re ready to take the leap and have a professional come install a full kitchen remodel, keep your local Kitchen Solvers in mind. We’d love to dream big with you and that all starts with a free in-home consultation. We look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon!