Smart ways to achieve a Spring Remodeling Project

15-2_194866653Start with thinking about what your current kitchen, laundry, or office “says” about you.  This could be the time to not only consider a major reorganization, but potentially a remodeling project that better reflects your need of supportive style for who you are now, and also improved function to better support how you live.

Once you start thinking of how to move your spaces forward to meet those needs for a comfortable, satisfying experience, doing a little research on the front end through gathering photos of what appeals to you is a great way to start the process.  Edit through those photos and try to see the similarities in what appeals to you.  Although it is always important to be realistic to some degree, this is also the way to truly ‘brainstorm’, so don’t get too concerned about guessing pricing or how the pictured kitchen could actually fit exactly as shown in your own space.

What will happen through the design process is a honing and refining of a design that could replicate what you see exactly.  More likely, however, is a judicious use of the favorite elements you like and then recreate the basic “essence” in your own project.

The next big choice for you is to contact the experts who are familiar with options, pricing, and execution of remodeling projects.  This choice will drive the way the remodeling project will unfold, and you will quickly find that exploring the possibilities, and achieving your goals with a great partner in the project really will get you to that sweet spot of balancing your style, your vision, and your budget.  And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment before you start your next remodeling project.