The Latest Futuristic Kitchen Upgrades

We live in a postmodern, digital, faster-than-light world, and everyone wants to feel like they’re living in an era of flying cars, even if we don’t have them yet. Fortunately, you can at least make your kitchen feel like it’s from the cutting edge of future tech by adding the right upgrades.

From smart gadgets to always-on connectivity, technology is everywhere and primed to take your kitchen to the next level. Let’s check out some of the latest and coolest futuristic kitchen upgrades you can apply to make your kitchen the high-tech envy of everyone who comes over.

A Wi-Fi Dishwasher

Dishwashers are commonplace in homes these days, and they are often considered a must-have appliance. Today, you can even find ones that actually have Wi-Fi technology built in. It’s the ultimate in convenience that you can get alerts when the run cycle is coming to an end, when it’s time to unload or even when there might be an issue that’s going to leave streaks or spots on your dishes. These appliances can also watch out for malfunctions and leaks, which can really reduce the risk of damage from such issues.

Other Wi-Fi Appliances

Dishwashers aren’t the only appliances that come with Wi-Fi these days. Smart homes are all the rage, and you can connect almost everything in your kitchen to the internet these days. How about a refrigerator with a viewscreen that will connect to your favorite streaming services so you can binge Netflix or listen to Pandora or Spotify while cooking? What about an oven that broadcasts temperature readings of the turkey you’re cooking right to your phone? All of these and more are widely available and, best of all, can be a snap to set up.

Voice-Command Gadgets

How cool would it be if you could just tell your faucet to output water at precisely 120 degrees, or tell your oven, from across the room, to preheat to 350, just by saying it? There are actually appliances now that you can turn on and off and even command to set specific temperatures with your voice.

Faucets and ovens are just two of the many gadgets that offer voice commands.There are tons of smart gadgets that have Wi-Fi and app control capabilities, and you can connect many gadgets to your home network and set them up to take voice commands. It’s the ultimate in convenience, not even having to touch a dial.

A 3D Printer … for Chocolate!

This one may seem a bit excessive, but how cool is it that we even have a 3D printer now that can make objects out of chocolate? It’s only a matter of time before it’s possible to print just about anything from your printer right in the comfort of your own home … then eat it! These kinds of gadgets are the future incarnate, and they’ll also make you the talk of every gathering.

The voice-command Wi-Fi appliances, smart gadgets and kitchen upgrades listed here are just a few of the options to take your upgrade to the next level, and Kitchen Solvers is here to make it happen. Just stop into our showroom or give us a call today to get started!