The Psychology of Your Kitchen Colors

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Are you planning a big kitchen overhaul? When you sit down and map out your design ideas, color scheme is normally one of the first elements discussed. This makes choosing custom kitchen cabinets or custom kitchen countertops much simpler. It is also easier to choose a wonderful decorative backsplash, as well as other, more obscure elements, once you have decided on the colors that you would like to incorporate. The kitchen is a room that gets a lot of use by all members of the family. Most homeowners start and finish their day in the kitchen, eat their meals and even make critical decisions with their loved ones in this important room.

Believe it or not, color has an impact on a person’s mood. There is a whole field dedicated to the psychology of color which helps professionals determine which colors can sway the mind to feel certain moods. This is particularly helpful in settings such as hospitals and daycare centers, but this knowledge of colors can also help you to choose colors for your kitchen that will benefit you—body, mind and soul. Here is some general information about the psychology of your kitchen colors.

The Power of Red

Red is a very popular key tone that people incorporate in their kitchens. Nearly everyone has an aunt or grandmother who filled their kitchen space with red rooster decor. This color presents a lot of warm, comforting energy, as well as strength and courage. However, red is a very stimulating color that can bring out defiance, strain and aggression. If you would like to use red tones, calm the area with neutrals, such as grey.

The Serenity of Blue

Blue is a very serene color. It is common to see blue color palettes in spa settings or doctor’s offices. Blue also embraces intelligence and trust. It is quite soothing, but blue can also cause feelings of depression or anxiety. Using blue shades in a kitchen is a great idea, however, you should brighten the space up with exciting colors, such as yellow.

The Friendliness of Yellow

It is difficult to walk into a room that has been filled with yellow details and not feel happy. Yellow serves as the color of cheerfulness. It promotes optimism and confidence, and is also an easy way to brighten a dark space. However, yellow is also associated with feelings of fear, anxiety and even suicide. Calm the yellow with a cool drop of green or blue shades.

The Neutrality of Grey

Grey is a very popular shade that is being used in homes today. It is a neutral that serves as an alternative to tan wall tones. Grey makes it very easy to change decor and bring in virtually any colors that you would like, but too much grey can have a similar depressing effect as blue. Embrace a bit of popping color in your grey rooms.

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