To Island or Not to Island? That Is the Kitchen Question

If you’re looking to kick up the utility of space in your kitchen, there’s almost no better way to do it than to add an island. This can provide tons of extra useful space by converting an unused open area in the middle of the floor. It can also provide a wide variety of other benefits when you do it right. A kitchen with an island can be so much more than a place where you cook; it can turn your kitchen into the heart and soul of your home.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should add an island in your home, the answer is a resounding “yes,” as long you have adequate space to do so. Let’s look at some of the benefits you get from adding an island to your kitchen and how it can be the key to a successful kitchen remodeling job.

Additional Counter Space

The biggest, most popular reason people go for kitchen islands is to give themselves more space to work. Whether it’s prep space for big meals or space to stack extra pots, pans and dishes between cooking stages, an island can provide tons of extra usable space. You can even install specific features that dedicate your island to a purpose, such as having a sink installed in the island for washing dishes and aiding in food prep.

Extra Storage

Who doesn’t need extra storage in their kitchen? It can sometimes seem like no matter how many cabinets and cupboards you have, it’s just not enough. With an island, that can all change. You can convert unused floor space in your kitchen to tons of extra storage.

Islands can be used as a more convenient place to store pots and pans, appliances or pantry items when you add features like a lazy Susan or pull-out shelving units that allow you to organize your storage. Extra open shelving allows you to display your baubles or easily grab those items you use most frequently. Hooks for hanging utensils are another great option. The possibilities for extra storage are almost limitless.

Entertaining or Workspace

More than ever, people are congregating in the kitchen. This makes sense considering that the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s an informal and welcoming space where things get done. That makes it an ideal space for entertaining guests or for using as an extra workspace in your home. Adding a kitchen island with an open area underneath allows you to add chairs so you can increase your usable home space for hosting gatherings. You can also use the island as a table for eat-in meals.

Of course, setting up the kitchen as a secondary office is a great idea, too, and you can even wire your island with network ports, USB charging ports and other tech interfaces. This enables you to be connected and work in a light, open and comfortable area of your house.

If you’d like to install a kitchen island for entertaining, work, storage or any other reason, Kitchen Solvers is here for you. Give us a call today or stop into one of our local showrooms to learn more and get started!

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