Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen Feel Like It’s From the Future

One of the great things about living in modern times is that there’s almost no limit to the upgrades that you can make to your kitchen. For instance, if you’ve always imagined what life would be like in the distant future, there are a number of high-tech appliances that you can add to your kitchen that may make it feel like the set of a science fiction movie. Here are just a few of the many pieces of kitchen technology that you can choose to make your home feel like you’ve traveled to the future.

Illuminate With Smart Lighting

Choosing the right lighting is one of the most important parts of designing a kitchen, and if you’ve been thinking about updating this room in your home, adding smart lighting is an excellent decision. Smart lighting not only can give your kitchen a bright and open feel, but it can also make your home feel more futuristic.

For example, with some types of smart lighting, you can control the lights in your kitchen using a smartphone app, and other types of lighting let you turn your lights on and off using just the sound of your voice. You can even choose smart lighting that lets you set different lighting schemes and colors. So, for example, if you’re hosting a romantic dinner for two, you can set your lighting to be warmer, and if you’re planning a lively dinner party, you can make it brighter.

Futuristic Appliances

If you’re looking for kitchen technology to make your home feel more futuristic, you should consider adding a few smart appliances into your home. Smart appliances include a number of convenient features that will make your life — particularly your meal prepping duties — a lot easier.

Homeowners who are tired of running out of their go-to foodstuffs may want to install a smart fridge with Wi-Fi capabilities. Some of these fridges can detect when you’re running low on a certain item and will let you know so that you can go to the store to restock. To make cooking meals easier, you can invest in an oven with smart knobs and cooktops.

Install Automatic Openings

As you get older, bending and stretching to open and close your cabinets can be a pain — literally. Fortunately, you can improve your access to your storage space while making you feel like you’re living in the 22nd century by installing automatic openings in your kitchen.

For your floor-level cabinets, you can install automatic openings that will allow you to open your cabinets just by passing your foot under a motion sensor. To limit your need to reach up, you can even add motor systems to your upper cabinets that will raise and lower them as needed.

Get Help With Your Remodel

If you’re interested in making your home more modern, and borderline futuristic, there is a wide array of kitchen technology you can choose. To get help choosing the features that are right for you and advice for your remodel, you can consult with the Kitchen Solvers team.

We love helping homeowners like you design your dream kitchen, and our experienced staff is standing by to assist you with your next remodeling project. Visit us today. And be sure to check out Installing Automatic Openings in Kitchens and Signs It’s Time to Update Your Kitchen Lighting for more information on upgrading your kitchen. Also, be sure to research Kitchen Remodeling Costs and Their Return on Investment as you begin to plan your kitchen remodel.