Ways to Amp Up Your Builder Grade Bathroom








We’ve all seen those turn of the millennium, builder grade bathrooms before: orange cabinets, white countertops, the oversized, Hollywood-like mirror, and the stale shower/tub combo. While these bathrooms are perfectly fine function-wise, you might be thinking it’s high time for a bathroom remodel, especially if you are prepping to sell. Here are some of the ways you can give your builder grade bathroom a makeover, to make the space more unique and specific to your style preferences.

Rebuild the Vanity

Typically, with builder grade bathrooms, you will find that the countertops in these spaces are limited on space and serve very little function. These spaces can be unsightly too, as they are usually littered with things like toothbrushes and combs, simply because there is no where else to conveniently store these items. But with a new vanity, you can add beauty to the space while still offering your bathroom a valuable service – storage.

Depending on the type of vanity cabinets you choose, you can create a space in your bathroom that allows for you to stow away items you use on a regular basis. These vanities will break up the monotony of the Hollywood mirror look, giving your sink area a unique style. Not to mention the fact that cleaning is made easier because there is nothing on your countertops, and you can enjoy the view of an orderly bathroom.

Update Countertops and Cabinets

While white countertops can be pretty, you can find them in almost any home that has a builder grade bathroom. There are so many different materials and colors from which you can choose when replacing the countertops in your bathroom. These new countertops will look better with your chosen color of paint and flooring too, creating a seamless style throughout.

The cabinets in your bathroom can also be refaced or replaced in order to rid the space of that builder grade look. Like the countertops, you can choose the color or style that would best suit the space. You can even have the fixtures on these cabinets and drawers replaced for added functionality and style.

Showers and Tub Designs

If you’re tired of the plastic shower/tub combo, then consider having it replaced! There are so many options out there for walk-in showers and spa tubs; why should you limit yourself? To stay trendy, check out walk-in showers that have glass doors with tile throughout; they’re gorgeous spaces that are enjoyable to use and easy to clean. By consulting with your bathroom remodel design team, you can find the right shower or tub for the space.

Adding Final Touches

Here is where your bathroom really becomes one-of-a-kind and true to your style. From lighting to unique sink fixtures, you can transform the original, cheap and simple look into something outstanding. From there, you can decorate the space with towels, shower curtains, so on and so forth, making your bathroom truly your own.

Don’t let our name at Kitchen Solvers deceive you: we can make your bathroom remodel dreams come true, too! Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your builder grade bathroom into something magnificent.