Why Solid Surface Countertops Are Trending

Are you building a new counter? Remodeling an existing bathroom? What about that dated kitchen space? Your entire design could easily revolve around your choice of countertops. There are several mediums and colors to choose between, from timeless granite pieces to showy rose quartz. With quality and beautiful countertops, your kitchen and bathrooms will impress your guests, and even make or break a sale in the future.

One selection that is trending among our clients are solid surface countertops. This is a unique material in that it is totally seamless, creating a smooth, solid surface. Solid surface countertops bring a beauty to rooms that no other material can match. Here are some reasons why our clients are loving the look.

Bringing Timelessness to the Modern Kitchen

The timeless look of granite will never go out of style—that is a fact. However, granite becomes a problem due to its need for constant maintenance, and it lacks that streamlined look you may desire. Solid surface countertops, on the other hand, are crafted from synthetic materials, but they have the look and heavy feel of real granite. Many are easily fooled by the material, believing these countertops to be granite. This timeless appearance is enhanced by the fact that a solid surface countertop has no seams. It is one solid piece that flows across your kitchen or bathroom space.

If you are hoping to update your home in a way that adds a modern edge, yet would also like to keep the integrity of timelessness, solid surface countertops could be the happy medium that you have been looking for.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Some countertop materials require regular maintenance and daily care. Granite is porous and must be treated while other materials are easy to scratch and virtually impossible to repair. Because solid surface countertops are made from synthetics, they are very easy to take care of, maintain and repair if they get scratched.

Increase Your Property Value

Many people who are out shopping for a new home often list countertops as a selling point for kitchens and bathrooms. It is no secret that these rooms hold the most weight when it comes to a home’s appeal, so solid surface countertops really stand out and make a kitchen stunning. Completing a kitchen remodel and adding solid surface countertops could increase your property value and help draw in offers when/if you decide to place your home on the market.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are becoming more popular with each passing day. If you would like more information on how you can get these countertops for your own home, visit our countertops page or contact a representative with Kitchen Solvers today.