Why Tile Floors Will Never Go Out of Style

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Some of the simplest changes, like a new backsplash or cabinet color, can completely transform your kitchen. Most people turn to these areas first to begin a kitchen remodeling project—but what is beneath your feet is the ultimate finishing touch that will bring the entire kitchen together. The wrong flooring can throw the mood of the room completely off-track. Luckily for homeowners, there are many excellent kitchen flooring choices available to match any design or color scheme.

Tile is one of the most popular choices, and has been for generations. Though wood, linoleum and cement are admirable competitors, tile is a timeless choice that will never go out of style. A well-designed kitchen that is complete with beautiful tile flooring can be a highly desirable aspect if you were to sell your home. Most importantly, tile provides you with a functioning space that you will be pleased with for years to come. Here is why tile floors will never go out of style.

Tile Flooring Is Tough

Yes, it is true that tile can crack or chip under immense force or trauma, but it does not damage or show wear nearly as easy as other flooring choices. When tile floors are properly installed, they can easily last for years and years. While hardwood floors scratch under the feet of pets and hungry children running through the kitchen throughout the day—tile takes the beating and looks like new again after it has been wiped down. Even light colored tile does not stain easily. When it comes to tough flooring, tile is a top scorer.

The Sky’s the Limit with Design Options

One of the most beautiful characteristics of tile is that it can be made in so many different colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Tile can even be made to appear as if it is wood flooring—a happy marriage for those who are having a hard time deciding between the two. If you would love bright pink tile circles throughout your entire kitchen floor, fabulous! There is no dream that tile cannot be a part of. Tile flooring can also be used to change the appearance of a room. For instance, large tile panels can make your kitchen look bigger. Beautiful mosaics can be created on your floors to add lovely, custom pieces to draw attention to this well-planned aspect of your kitchen.

Tile Flooring is Budget Friendly

Hardwood is beautiful, but installing the product in an entire kitchen can be expensive. Linoleum or faux-wood flooring is a cheaper alternative—short term. Tile is cost-effective and will stand up to many years of wear and tear. While some tiles are more expensive than others, there is almost always a tile to fit within the budget of all homeowners.

Learn More about Tile Flooring and Kitchen Remodeling

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