Wood Countertops Add Function & Beauty

Modern gourmet kitchen featuring cherry cabinets and black soapstone.
Modern gourmet kitchen featuring cherry cabinets and black soapstone.

The Beauty of Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are excellent choices to add warmth, character, and beauty to kitchen spaces. Often used on kitchen islands, wood countertops, when treated properly with a sealant such asWaterlox, are also functional choices for wet areas such as near a prep sink.

When food grade oil is in the finish, you can prepare food, but keep in mind that although wood does allow for occasional sanding and refinishing, most tops will be so beautiful you will probably not want to cut directly on the surface.  Use that cutting board to protect it as long as possible to maintain an optimal sanitary and smooth condition for preparing foods.

Most manufacturers of wood countertops offer an amazing variety of gorgeous woods to complement any décor. Thicknesses, edge details and large and small sizes add a dynamic element that is hard to beat in any space.  A solid wood assembled top can also be patterned with multiple woods, end cut grains, differing cut sizes, long grain assembly, and in a very rustic setting, even flat panels of wood.  In general, any hard working surface you will want to be solid wood—anywhere from 1 ¼” to 4” in thickness.  In less hardworking spaces, perhaps at a desk or display area, laminated wood surfaces can work as well and are less costly.

I have found that wood countertops are cherished—and generally sail above trends or décor while indefinitely adding a sense of style, warmth, and function that is timeless and works in all styles—traditional, contemporary, or eclectic.

Ultimately, when choosing kitchen countertops, the best thing to do is consider the advantages and disadvantages and then think about the look you want in your kitchen. See Evaluating Types and Materials – Then you can choose the kitchen countertops that provide the advantages that matter most to you.