2020 Kitchen Trends

Whether you are looking for a small kitchen remodel or constructing an entirely new space, here are the top kitchen trends of 2020 to help guide you on your journey towards obtaining your dream kitchen.

Trend #1: Bold Cabinetry

Throughout the year, big bold colors have become very prevalent in kitchens specifically black. A black accent wall, countertop, or cabinetry can provide a nice contrast with the rest of the kitchen. If black is too aggressive, homeowners also use navy blue within a kitchen to give a more subtle contrast. Besides darker colors, jewel tones such as emerald green and plum have continued to emerge in households.

Trend #2: Warm Finishes

Warm finishes have become a favorite of homeowners this year. Beiges, browns, copper, and warmer grays have proven to be a continuation of the natural organic trend. These warm finishes pair beautifully with natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and walnut finishes. Butcher block countertops have also made a comeback when warmer colors are incorporated in kitchens, and the modern farmhouse look is desired.

Trend #3: Pop of Color

Bright colors in kitchen spaces is a classic trend that seemed to hold a great influence over 2020 kitchen designs. A pop of bright color in any kitchen adds character and personalization to that space. These accents have become increasingly popular in kitchen islands, backsplashes, window treatments, and artwork. We’ve even seen this bright color incorporated into appliances, like this kitchen with a purple stove.

Trend #4: Functional Storage

So far in this year, the remodeling industry has seen a huge focus of homeowners trying to maximize cabinet storage. Pull out pantries, drawer dividers, and pull out spice racks have been essential in remodels big and small. Storage in the form of open shelving adds character to kitchens looking to display unique accessories and other special touches.

Trend #5: Finishing Touches

Quartz countertops have been a big hit due to their aesthetically pleasing presentation and low maintenance requirements. Another upcoming trend is accent lighting. Glass cabinet lighting, LED strip lighting on open shelving, or artwork lighting has the ability to brighten up your kitchens space and lift the rooms ambience.

Deciphering through all of the functional and visual decisions can be overwhelming. These trends listed above are styles which we see having a lasting effect in the remodeling world and are meant to ease our homeowners remodeling stress. If you’re curious to learn more about kitchen storage ideas be sure to read our blog article DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas for inspiration. Also, visit our home page to find the nearest Kitchen Solvers location to you.