5 Kitchen Space Saving Ideas for the Smaller Kitchen Designs!

A small kitchen design can sometimes limit the intended functionality of the space. Meal preparation, cooking, serving, and cleaning up all require room. The kitchen is the hub of the household regardless of its actual size. Surprisingly, many people who have a small kitchen design do not utilize their space to the fullest. Stop letting your kitchen space go to waste! Below are 5 kitchen space saving ideas that you can implement to make your workspace feel a little larger!

Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clear!

Fully utilize your kitchen counters! A small kitchen design emphasizes the importance of counter areas. Make sure to keep your countertops clean! Avoid cluttering it with mail, books, homework, power tools or any other miscellaneous items. This can be best practiced if you put away everything that belongs in the kitchen and if you remove everything not associated with your cooking altogether.

Cluttered kitchen counters interfere with work, cause frustration, and lead to lost time and effort. All items present in your kitchen should have a designated place to be put and a purpose.

Maximize Pots, Pans and Knives

Ask yourself, “Do I really need a full set of pots, pans, and a knife block?” How many pots and pans do you truly use at one time? Maximizing space while minimizing the number of cooking appliances in a room is a great way to gain more elbow area. Most people can get away with about half the number of pots and pans they’re storing in those cramped and crowded kitchen cabinets. The standard is two pots and two skillets!

The same logic can be applied to kitchen knives. You need a serrated knife for cutting bread, a larger knife for chopping and a paring knife for fruits and vegetables. Knives sitting on a block on the counter are most likely taking up valuable space.

Use Kitchen Organizers and Other Devices

Take time to rid your kitchen of any items which you feel are obsolete or unnecessary. Then, organize all that remains. Analyze your kitchen space to see how a kitchen organizer may help make the most out of your room. Some kitchen organizers create extra levels within cabinets, others can be installed on the inside of a door, and others can let you hang utensils from the ceiling. Sliding shelves for blind corner cabinets, lazy Susans, and rollout shelves can be helpful kitchen space savers. Whatever your kitchen design is, there’s an organizer which will work well within it.

Store Dishes in a Hutch

Storing your dishes and silverware in the kitchen consumes such a large amount of space. Open up storage space inside your kitchen by storing your dishes and silverware in a hutch where you dine. It can even add color or décor, depending on the hutch you use. Some hutches have glass doors to showcase nicer dinnerware. Others can be fun colors to add a pop of interest into your kitchen.

Built-in Microwave and Cabinet-depth Fridge

Looking to reclaim three to four square feet of your kitchen counter space? Instead of having your microwave sitting on a kitchen counter, think about getting a built-in model! Purchase a refrigerator that is at the same depth as our kitchen cabinet, so you will automatically have more space and allow extra room when the refrigerator door is open.

*PRO TIP* – When purchasing a refrigerator, stay away from one that juts out beyond your cabinetry.

Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen

Maximizing a small kitchen design can be easily attained. You want to make the most of every inch of your kitchen counter, cabinetry, and floor space. Basic clutter control is part of the solution and making smart decisions concerning what you store in your kitchen is critically important. With some planning and organization, your small kitchen will seem to be twice as big as it was before.

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